The Focused 2011 World Track & Field Championships Schedule

Tailor-Made For The US Viewer Who Is Playing In Our Prediction Contest

The 2011 World Track & Field Championships start on Saturday, but in reality they start on Friday night for US fans. What the hell does that mean?

Well, the event is taking place in Daegu, Korea, which is 13 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone in the US, so all of the morning sessions in Daegu are evening sessions here and vice versa. The huge time gap creates some weird oddities as journalists and fans in Korea basically get one full day off - Wednesday August, 31st - as the only event that day is the women's 20km walk but US fans get no days off from big-time action as they catch the next day's morning session the night before. On 8/31, US fans will actually watch a lot of stuff, as the men's 5,000 heats and women's 800 heats all occur on that day for US visitors.

To help US fans better enjoy the 2011 World Championships, we've created two schedules for you that list the time of all the events in a time that US-based visitors should be able to understand - Eastern Standard Time (New York) (Editor's Note: a very smart LRC visitor has written in and said the following:  "In your article about times for the World Championship events, you refer to Eastern Standard Time. Until the beginning of November, the US is on daylight saving time. I believe your references should be to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), not Eastern Standard Time (EST)"'). The schedules should help you plan ahead if you want to watch your favorite events live. To watch anything live in the US, you are going to have to pony up $14.99 to watch it on as unfortunately the people at Universal Sports TV have told us that nothing they broadcast will be on live television (although looking at their schedule, we're wondering if the women's marathon might be live). Alternatively, you can pay $3.99 to catch a single full day but they sell it as a full day in Daegu, not the US.

The two schedules are as follows:

A Focused Schedule: This includes al the mid-d and distance events plus the finals all the events in the LRC Prediction Contest Powered By Puma.


A Full Schedule Of Everything

The The Focused Schedule appears below. The full schedule is here.

Note: All times listed are for people on the East coast. Mid-d and distance finals appear in bold. Note, the tv times listed below have changed.  To see updated tv coverage, look here.

Friday 8/26 TV: 8 pm
800 PM W Marathon Final
935 PM W 3,000 Metres Steeplechase Heats
1105 PM M 800 Metres Heats
Saturday 8/27 TV: 8 pm
800 AM W 10,000 Metres Final
940 PM W 1,500 Metres Heats
Sunday 8/28 TV: 2:30pm and 10 pm
500 AM M 800 Metres Semifinal
630 AM M 10,000 Metres Final
715 AM M 1,500 Metres Decathlon
745 AM M 100 Metres Final
940 PM M 3,000 Metres Steeplechase Heats
Monday 8/29 TV: 5:30pm and 10 pm
625 AM M Pole Vault Final
805 AM W 400 Metres Final
825 AM M 110 Metres Hurdles Final
845 AM W 100 Metres Final
920 PM W 5,000 Metres Heats
1020 PM M 1500 Metres Heats
Tuesday 8/30 TV: 6:00pm and 10 pm
605 AM W Pole Vault Final
700 AM W 800 Metres Heptathlon
735 AM W 1,500 Metres Semifinal
800 AM M 800 Metres Final
820 AM W 3,000 Metres Steeplechase Final
845 AM M 400 Metres Final
Wed. 8/31 TV: 6:00pm and 10 pm
905 PM M 5,000 Metres Heats
1040 PM W 800 Metres Heats
Thursday 9/1 TV: 6:00pm and 10 pm
610 AM M High Jump Final
655 AM M 1,500 Metres Semifinal
725 AM M 3,000 Metres Steeplechase Final
755 AM W 1,500 Metres Final
815 AM W 400 Metres Hurdles Final
830 AM M 400 Metres Hurdles Final
Friday 9/2 TV: 6:00pm and 10 pm
600 AM M Shot Put Final
620 AM M Long Jump Final
625 AM W 800 Metres Semifinal
725 AM W 5,000 Metres Final
755 AM W 200 Metres Final
815 AM M 4 x 400 Metres Relay Final
Saturday 9/3   TV: 3:30pm and 8 pm
600 AM W High Jump Final
715 AM M 1,500 Metres Final
740 AM W 4 x 400 Metres Relay Final
800 AM W 100 Metres Hurdles Final
820 AM M 200 Metres Final
800 PM M Marathon Final
Sunday 9/4 TV: 3:00pm
640 AM M 5,000 Metres Final
715 AM W 800 Metres Final
735 AM W 4 x 100 Metres Relay Final
800 AM M 4 x 100 Metres Relay Final


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