Julia Webb Says Alan Webb Is Still Looking For A Coach

American Record-Holder's Wife Adds That Alan's "Training Is Going Great"

By LetsRun.com
April 14, 2011

Julia Webb, wife of American mile record holder Alan Webb, wrote LetsRun.com this morning to refute Steve Nearman's report that Alan had chosen to be coached by the University of Virginia's Jason Vigilante and would possibly train with NCAA 800m star Robby Andrews.

Julia wrote us saying: "Just wanted to give you a heads up that the story is definitely not true.. we are still looking at the options. No decisions made although Vig (is) still a good option."

We then wrote Julia back to confirm we could use her statements and she added more insight into Alan and her's situation. On the coaching change she wrote,

    bottom line - we're excited about the future - this situation hasn't put Alan in a whirlwind of craziness which people seem to think - his training is going great, he's got plenty of people offering coaching feedback and we're taking each day as it comes - most importantly - he is healthy, workouts are going great and he is happy. We aren't moving anytime soon. Once the head coaching is sorted out we'll slowly make a transition. We have plenty of friends and people in Portland who support Alan and he'll be fine heading in(to) the summer racing.

Julia Webb also questioned an earlier report by Nearman that mentioned Webb battled "injuries and anemia" since 2008 saying, "Anemia? Pretty sure he has never had a problem having anything less than amazing levels of iron.. maybe confusing that with me ? :)"

(Editor's note: Julia has had her own anemia problems, but this Sports Illustrated article chronicles Alan having anemia problems in 2007.).

She also took issue with Nearman in the same story reporting, "And with a spacious new home in Portland, the recently-married Webb supposedly has not been receiving checks recently and currently he is in contract negotiations with Nike, with huge expectations and multi-year guarantees."

Julia said, "Makes me laugh.. we downsized from Reston and have a townhouse adjoined to another.. Alan's been pretty smart with money so this isn't really a stressor."

LetsRun.com contacted Steve Nearman and relayed him Julia's comments. Nearman was firm and would only say on the record, "I stand by my story and I stand by my sources."

Nearman does have past credibility on breaking stories involving Webb. In 2002 on July 18, Nearman reported that Webb had been offered a $250,000 a year contract by Nike through 2008. On August 15, USA Today reported Webb had signed with Nike "a $250,000 annual salary plus incentives"

Whatever the outcome of Webb's coaching search, 2011 is a pivotal year for the American miler who has struggled since his American record in 2007.

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