LetsRun.com's Recap Of The Distance Action At The 2011 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational

By Letsrun.com
May 2, 2011

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The 2011 Payton Jordan meet, which took place on Sunday night (May 1) certainly did not disappoint, with 22 runners getting under the Olympic A standard in the men's and women's 10,000, as the "star" Americans in Matt Tegenkamp and Shalane Flanagan got beaten. In the men's 10k, the winner was 20-year-old Bedan Karoki, who put on a breathtaking move with just over seven laps to go that instantly ended the race, which was the first one in American history where three Americans broke 27:30, led by former NCAA 5000m champ Bobby Curtis. In the men's 1,500, German Fernandez's struggles continued in the B heat, while Lopez Lomong and Evan Jager returned to action in the A heat that was won by Ben Blankenship. In the ladies' 1,500, Jordan Hasay got a PR and collegiate leader but only finished 5th. The story of the steeple was that Mark Wetmore-coached athletes shined and got the Olympic A standards, as Emma Coburn impressed from the opening moment of the race while Billy Nelson waited until late to unleash an incredibly impressive kick. In the men's 5k, Elliott Heath's unreal kick wasn't quite enough to get him the win, as seven broke 13:30.

Recaps and results of the key distance races appear below.

Men's 10,000 Kim McDonald - Bedan Karoki Steals The Show As 3 Americans Break 27:30 In The Same Race For The 1st Time Ever!

The 2011 edition of the men's Kim McDonald run was hyped as the first serious 10k of American Matt Tegenkamp's professional career. But in the end, the race wound up being the Bedan Karoki show.

Bedan KarokiThe 20-year-old Kenyan, who trains in Japan, absolutely obliterated the field with a shocking and breathtaking move just prior to the 7 laps to go mark. Roughly 18:40 into the race, Karoki took the lead and quite honestly it looked like there was something screwy with the Internet monitor we were watching the race on. Instead of being a 10,000, it looked like Karoki was running a mile.

Honestly, Karoki's move was so sudden and decisive - the guy was sprinting - you'd think he thought a 10,000 was only 19 laps and not 25. Someone will have to watch the race replay to get the actual split on the lap that totally decimated the field (it had to be close to 60), but we know the guy ran 7:22 for his last 7 laps, which comes out to 4:12.5 pace per 1,600 for the final 7 laps, as he got a much-deserved win in 27:13.67 in a race where the top 14 finishers all got under the Olympic A standard of 27:45.

After Karoki put on a move for the ages, the rest of the field was left to battle it out for runner-up honors, and the two runners that seemed most keen to get second were Americans Matt Tegenkamp and Bobby Curtis, as with three laps to go, those two had separated themselves from what was left of a main lead pack of 16 that had gone through 5,000 behind the rabbit Chris Solinsky (who became the first non-African under 27:00 last year at this meet) in 13:44. However, Tegenkamp didn't have the goods over the final 400 and with 250 to go Australia's Ben St. Lawrence went past his training partner Curtis into second (the two have been training in Mt. Laguna recently). However, Curtis responded and came back to get second in 27:24.67 to St. Lawrence's 27:24.95.

Curtis' 27:24.67 was a new personal best as he ran 27:33.39 last year in this race. That mark moves him to #7 on the US all-time list - ahead of former marathon great Alberto Salazar.

St. Lawrence's 27:24.95 was a new Australian national record as it surpassed the 27:29.73 that Collis Birmingham ran at this meet in 2009.

Brit Chris Thompson, who talked about going after the GBR national record of 27:18.24, ended up fourth in 27:27.36, a slight improvement over the 27:29.61 he ran last year. American Tim Nelson became the 10th American to break 27:30 (#9 all-time), as he ran 27:28.19 to finish 5th. The 11th American to break 27:30 (#10 all-time) was Tegenkamp, who was 6th in 27:28.22.

Sunday's race was the first in history where three Americans broke 27:30 in the same race.

Two collegiate runners also broke 27:30, as 2010 NCAA cross-country runner-up Stephen Sambu was 7th in 27:28.64 and 2011 NCAA 5k indoor champ Leonard Korir was 8th in 27:29.40.

World steeplechase bronze medallist Bouabdellah Tahri came up short in his bid to break the French national record of 27:22.78 held by António Martins, as Tahri ran 27:31.46.

Afterwards, Tegenkamp told David Monti of Race Results Weekly, "Today, my mistake was not going when the move was made. A lot of that is being a rookie and respecting the distance, I guess."

Ben St. Lawrence was very pleased with his run, which came on the heels of subpar races at World XC and the Carlsbad 5,000m after his 13:10 in Australia. He told Monti, "I hadn't been doing too well in training, so I thought I'd just hang back and get that 'A' standard. As the race wore on, I was feeling stronger and stronger. I had the benefit of picking up a few people each lap. I got Tegenkamp -- probably a bit by surprise -- coming down the backstraight and thought, I'm in for second place. Bobby really ran strong and got me in the straight. It's an Australian record and a massive PB by over 35 seconds."

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The 11 Americans Under 27:30 At 10,000

26:59.60 Chris Solinsky (Oregon TC) 05/01/10
27:10.74 Galen Rupp (Nike) 05/01/10
27:13.98 Meb Keflezighi (Nike) 05/04/01
27:16.99 Abdi Abdirahman (Nike) 06/08/08
27:20.56 Mark Nenow (Puma) 09/05/86
27:22.28 Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike) 08/17/09
27:24.67 Bobby Curtis (Reebok) 05/01/11
27:25.61 Alberto Salazar (Athletics West) 06/26/82
27:28.19 Tim Nelson (Nike/Kimbia) 05/01/11
27:28.22 Matt Tegenkamp (Nike/Kimbia) 05/01/11
27:29.61 Craig Virgin (St. Louis TC) 07/17/80
Event 21  Men 10000 Meter Run Kim McDonald
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Bedan Karoki                 S&B                   27:13.67
  2 Robert Curtis                Reebok                27:24.67
  3 Ben St Lawrence              Melbourne Tr          27:24.95
  4 Chris Thompson               Otc                   27:27.36
  5 Tim Nelson                   Nike/Kimbia           27:28.19
  6 Matt Tegenkamp               Nike/Kimbia           27:28.22
  7 Stephen Sambu                Arizona               27:28.64
  8 Leonard Korir                Iona                  27:29.40
  9 Kevin Chelimo                Otc                   27:30.50
 10 Juan Luis Barrios            nike - Mexico         27:30.68
 11 Aron Rono                    Unattached            27:31.15
 12 Bouabdellah Tahri            Unattached            27:31.46
 13 byron piedra                 ecuador               27:32.59
 14 Tsuyoshi Ugachi              Konica Minolta        27:41.97
 15 Juan Carlos Romero           Mexico                27:51.49
 16 Scott Bauhs                  Adidas                27:51.78
 17 Ryan Vail                    Brooks                27:57.42
 18 Aaron Braun                  adidas/McMil          27:57.88
 19 Yuki Sato                    Nissin                27:59.60
 20 Brian Olinger                Reebok                28:07.52
 21 Bobby Mack                   Unattached            28:11.00
 22 Jorge Torres                 Reebok                28:12.25
 23 Dylan Wykes                  Praire Inn Harriers   28:12.82
 24 Takayuki Matsumiya           Konica Minolta        28:14.43
 25 Ben True                     In the Arena          28:16.65
 26 Jacob Korir                  Riadha                28:24.26
 27 Yoshinori Oda                Toyotabw              28:24.59
 28 Yusuke Takabayashi           Toyotabw              28:24.84
 29 Jason Hartmann               Nike/Kimbia           28:26.59
 30 Sean Quigley                 Puma/Kimbia           28:49.82
 31 Kensuke Takezawa             S&B                   28:52.56
 32 Yusuke Hasegawa              S&B                   28:54.55
 -- Mark Matusak                 Unattached                 DNF
 -- Chris Solinsky               Nike/Kimbia                DNF
 -- Bolota Asmerom               Saucony                    DNF

Women's 10,000 Kim McDonald - Sally Kipyego Gets Deserved Victory Over Shalane Flanagan

Given she got the bronze medal at the 2011 World Cross-Country Championships, many were expecting American Shalane Flanagan to challenge her own American record of 30:22.22 in the 10,000 at Stanford on Sunday night. However, given the fact that the race was only rabbitted for five laps, the record was never in serious jeopardy and in the end, Flanagan didn't wind up with the win, as she was beaten by Sally Kipyego. For those of you that are surprised that Kipyego won, people should realize that she has a better 5,000 PR than Flanagan (14:38.64 versus 14:44.80).

The rabbit didn't make it five full laps and after that, a lead group of 5 - Japan's Kayoko Fukushi (shooting for the national record of 30:48, and under scrutiny from Japanese camera crews), Kenya's Kipyego and Lineth Chepkurui, and Americans Flanagan and Molly Huddle - tried to keep the tempo going at a sub-30:50 pace. Huddle couldn't stay with the group for 8 laps, as the lead four went through 3,200 in 9:49, whereas Huddle was at 9:54 at this point. Chepkurui was the next to fall off, losing contact with the leaders around the 13-minute mark. Then, sadly, it was the Japanese runner, who was the one who did most of the leading after the rabbit had stopped, that was dropped, as she lost contact around the 6,400-meter mark.

With 8 laps to go (21:00), the race was down to a two-person affair - Kipyego vs. Flanagan. And in the end, it was only just that Kipyego got the win, as she was the one doing the leading over the final four laps. Over those last four laps, the pace started to heat up, with Kipyego splitting 72.1, 72.0 - but Flanagan stayed right on her shoulder the whole time. On the penultimate lap, Kipyego smartly slowed things down and saved something for the final 400, as that lap was covered in 73.6. On the final lap, Flanagan tried to strike with about 250 meters to go, but Kipyego responded and Flanagan never got the lead. Over the final 100, it was all Kipyego, as she pulled away decisively.

After the race, in a post-race interview live on flotrack, Flanagan tried to put a positive spin on the night but she admitted she always likes to win.

"I know we're fit. I think we have a lot more in us. I know we got a little tactical there at the end."

Kipyego was happy to come out on top, telling RRW, "It was huge; I'm really happy. I'm just grateful because most of the time you don't go out there and expect a perfect day. When it comes together, it's amazing. I'm so grateful."

The top eight finishers all were under the Olympic A standard of 31:45.

Leader's Splits:

1,600 - 4:53
3,200 - 9:49
4,800 - 14:45
6,400 - ???
8,000 - 24:40
8,400 - 25:54

Event 57  Women 10000 Meter Run Kim McDonald
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Sally Kipyego                Otc                   30:38.35
  2 Shalane Flanagan             Nike/Kimbia           30:39.57
  3 Kayoko Fukushi               Wacoal                30:54.29
  4 Lineth Chepkurui             Nike/Kimbia           31:24.20
  5 Molly Huddle                 Saucony               31:28.66
  6 Kayo Sugihara                Denso                 31:34.35
  7 Eloise Wellings              Melbourne Tr          31:41.31
  8 Jen Rhines                   Adidas                31:43.00
  9 Alissa McKaig                Zap Fitness           32:14.51
 10 Yuko Shimizu                 Sekisui Chemical      32:14.71
 11 Megan Wright                 New Balance           32:40.40
 12 Marisol Guadalupe Romero     Mexico                32:45.05
 13 Sonia Samuels                Great Britain         32:57.23
 14 Katherine Newberry           Nyac                  32:57.51
 15 Miho Ihara                   Shikoku Elec          33:08.55
 16 Dulce  Ma. Rodriguez         Padilla's Team        33:20.15
 17 Natalie Gray                 New Mexico            33:20.31
 18 Kumi Ogura                   Shikoku Elec          33:37.89
 -- Kim Conley                   Unattached                 DNF
 -- Sara Vaughn                  Adidas                     DNF

Men's 5,000 Heat 1 - Brandon Bethke Holds Off Elliott Heath's Famous Kick In Exciting Finish

Former Wisconsin and Arizona State standout Brandon Bethke took the lead with 600 to go and would never relinquish it, as he somehow held off Stanford's Elliott Heath, who unleashed his famous kick over the last 300 but it was too little and too late.

The rabbit, Tom Kloos, didn't go 6 full laps and even when he was on the track, it wasn't clear the field really wanted to go with him. After the rabbit dropped out, no one really wanted to do the work and NAU's Diego Estrada was left to do most of the leading, as the pace slowed. The splits were 4:19.9 for 1,600, 8:45 for 3,200 and 10:56 at 4,000. At 4k, the field was just on 13:40 pace.

The next lap sped up to a 63.3 and then Bethke took the lead and threw down a 57.4, which ended up destroying the lead pack. With 250 to go, he probably had a 3-second lead on second but Stanford's Elliott Heath, who had appeared to be working to keep contact early but got back in the mix during the mid-race lull in pace, was winding things up and starting to charge furiously. As they entered the final 100, it seemed as Bethke's bid for glory from 600 meters out was going to be snatched away from him, as Heath was coming up quickly. However, Bethke looked over his shoulder and was able dig deep and find a little something left as Heath tied up a bit himself.

In the end, Bethke got the win and PR (13:25.82, previous best of 13:27.79 from 2009), as seven guys would break 13:30. It was interesting to note that the 8th-place finisher in 13:30.21 was Ireland's Alistair Cragg, who dropped out of the Boston marathon less than two weeks ago.

Event 18  Men 5000 Meter Run Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Brandon Bethke               Quiksilver            13:25.82
  2 Elliott Heath                Stanford              13:26.14
  3 Thomas Farrell               Oklahoma State        13:26.59
  4 Diego Estrada                Northern Arizona      13:26.94
  5 Mark Christie                Unattached            13:28.21
  6 Stephen Furst                adidas Raleigh TC     13:29.05
  7 Chris Derrick                Stanford              13:29.74
  8 Alistair Cragg               Adidas                13:30.21
  9 Ryan Hill                    North Carolina St.    13:31.67
 10 Joe Bosshard                 Colorado              13:34.57
 11 Diego Alberto Borrego        Mexico                13:36.69
 12 Dan Huling                   Reebok                13:38.72
 13 Kazuya Watanabe              Unattached            13:38.90
 14 Tiidrek Nurme                Estonia               13:39.10
 15 Jake Riley                   Stanford              13:39.49
 16 George Alex                  Oklahoma              13:40.73
 17 Alfred Kipchumba             Portland              13:40.98
 18 Aldo Saul Vega               Mexico                13:43.16
 19 Geoff Martinson              Prince George T&F     13:44.27
 20 Yosef Ghebray                Brooks Team           13:45.69
 21 Scott Overall                Adidas                13:48.83
 22 Taylor Milne                 Speed River Tfc       14:01.96
 23 Jeremy Johnson               Brooks                14:03.68
 -- Tom Kloos                    Unattached                 DNF
 -- Michael Coe                  California                 DNF
 -- Jonathan Pierce              Unattached                 DNF

Women's 5,000 Heat 1 - Sifuentes Wins

Canada's Nicole Sifuentes (who ran as Nicole Edwards for Michigan) took the lead from 2009 NCAA cross-country champ Angela Bizzarri with 250 meters to go and got the win in a new personal best of 15:27.84.

The field went through the first 4,000 at basically 5:00 pace (1,600 in 4:59.7, 3,200 in 10:01 and 4k in 12:32) before the pace got faster. With 800 to go (13:09), Bizzarri went to the lead and a pack of five was left to battle for the win. The pace didn't pick up too much until the bell (14:21), as Sifuentes covered the last lap in 65.9.

Event 54  Women 5000 Meter Run Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Nicole Sifuentes             Saucony               15:27.84
  2 Sandra Lopez                 Mexico                15:28.71
  3 Angela Bizzarri              Brooks                15:28.74
  4 Julie Culley                 Asics/NYAC            15:29.14
  5 Frances Koons                New Balance           15:29.96
  6 Mika Yoshikawa               Panasonic             15:38.15
  7 Erin Donohue                 Nike/Kimbia           15:41.78
  8 Risper Kimaiyo               Utep                  15:48.14
  9 Ruth Senior                  New Mexico            15:48.29
 10 lindsay sundell              Unattached            15:49.55
 11 Tara Erdmann                 Loyola Marymount      15:50.20
 12 Erin Nehus-Vergara           Athletic Annex        15:52.34
 13 Allie Kieffer                Sun Elite             15:52.37
 14 Rebecca Donaghue             New Balance/Kimbia    15:53.42
 15 Stephanie Pezzullo           Sun Elite TC          15:54.38
 16 Jamie Cheever                Team Usa Minnesota    15:56.77
 17 Toni Salucci                 In the Arena          16:04.80
 18 Hazel Murphy                 Unattached            16:17.78

Men's 1,500 Heat 1 - Ben Blankenship Wins As Lopez Lomong And Evan Jager Return

The field had no interest in going with the rabbit, as they basically ran 60-second pace until the kick for home began over the last 300 (800 was passed in 1:59.5 and 1,200 in 2:59.3). Up until that point, 2008 US Olympian Lopez Lomong, who was using this race as a rust buster after not running much from January through March due to injury, had the lead. But as the runners approached the final 200, it was 2011 NCAA 3k runner-up (Univ of Minnesota) Ben Blankenship who grabbed the lead. Lomong responded and put up a furious fight, as did two other runner in Andy Bayer and Andrew Bumbalough. In the end, Blankenship was able to hold on and preserve the win by .18, as Bayer, Lomong and Bumbalough would finish second, third and fourth in a virtual blanket finish with just .03 separating them.

Finishing fifth in his first race since June of last year was 2009 World Championships team member Evan Jager, who had been out with complications with his navicular.

The final 400 was covered in roughly 54.9.

Event 8  Men 1500 Meter Run Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Ben Blankenship              Unattached             3:39.49
  2 Andrew Bayer                 Unattached             3:39.67  3:39.667
  3 Lopez Lomong                 Nike Otc               3:39.67  3:39.668
  4 Andrew Bumbalough            Nike/Kimbia            3:39.70
  5 Evan Jager                   Nike/Kimbia            3:40.52
  6 Patrick Casey                Montana State          3:41.34
  7 Stephen Pifer                Otc                    3:42.02
  8 Jacob Boone                  Oklahoma               3:42.40
  9 Raul Botezan                 Oklahoma State         3:42.68
 10 José Juan Esparza            Mexico                 3:44.10
 -- Mark Matusak                 Unattached                 DNF

Men's 1,500 Heat 2 - German Fernandez Struggles Again

It's official. German Fernandez is in trouble.

The guy who won the 2009 NCAA 1,500 title as a freshman but was unable to qualify for the mile indoors and hasn't managed to run faster than 3:44 this year outdoors, ran 3:44 again on Sunday at Stanford.

Heat 2 was a rabbitted race, but the pack didn't seem interested in going with the pace, as the field went through 800 in 2:01 and 1,200 in 3:00.5. With 150 to go, Fernandez, who had reached the bell back in third or fourth, tried to make a move as he rolled into second. But over the final 150, Fernandez didn't do much, while Anthony Berkis destroyed the field and won in 3:42.54, with Fernandez ending up third in 3:44.18.

Message Board: German Fernandez... just not the same runner any more

Event 9  Men 1500 Meter Run Section 2
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Anthony Berkis               Windsor ON             3:42.54
  2 Mack McLain                  Colorado Mines         3:44.02
  3 German Fernandez             Oklahoma State         3:44.18
  4 Nick Samuels                 Great Britain          3:44.85
  5 Michael Atchoo               Stanford               3:44.98
  6 Nicholas Kipruto             New Mexico             3:45.39
  7 Michael Wickman              Chico TC               3:47.06
  8 Adam Kellar                  Windsor ON             3:47.48
  9 Keegan Calmes                Adams State            3:47.98
 10 Dave Weston                  Windsor ON             3:49.17
 11 Tyler Stutzman               Stanford               3:49.65
 12 Chad Hall                    UC Riverside           3:50.22
 -- Brendan Mahoney              Unattached                 DNF
 -- Sam Evans                    New Mexico                 DNF

Women's 1,500 Section 1 - Katie Follett Wins As Jordan Hasay Sets PR & Collegiate Leader

Former Washington runner Katie Follett was the surprise winner of women's 1,500, as she took the scalps of Olympians Alice Schmidt and Malindi Elmore and World Championships competitor Morgan Uceny.

The rabbit took the field through in 66.6 at 400 and 2:14.6 at 800. With 600 remaining, it was Uceny and Schmidt running side-by-side. With a lap to go (3:05), Uceny had the lead and she was trailed by 2011 NCAA indoor mile champ Jordan Hasay of Oregon and Schmidt. Uceny kept the lead until 150 meters to go, when Elmore passed her, but she in turn was decisively passed by Follett, who got the win in 4:08.95, a big new personal best (previous best of 4:10.66 at Mt. SAC, 4:15 PR before this year).

Elmore finished second (4:09.71) and Schmidt third (3:09.85), as Lindsey de Grande of Belgium was fourth (4:10.19).

Hasay ended up fifth, but her time of 4:10.28 was a huge new personal best (previous PR of 4:13.85) and also a new collegiate leader (Sheila Reid had the collegiate leader at 4:11.85).

Follett was definitely a surprising winner, as she apparently even surprised herself, telling David Monti, "Oh my gosh! What happened?"

More: Jordan Hasay 4:10

Event 47  Women 1500 Meter Run Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Katie Follett                Brooks                 4:08.95
  2 Malindi Elmore               Unattached             4:09.71
  3 Alice Schmidt                Unattached             4:09.85
  4 Lindsey De Grande            Golazo Sports          4:10.19
  5 Jordan Hasay                 Oregon                 4:10.28
  6 Morgan Uceny                 Adidas                 4:10.34
  7 Lea Wallace                  Sacramento St.         4:11.31
  8 Geena Gall                   Otc                    4:12.23
  9 Brenda Martinez              New Balance            4:14.36
 10 Hilary Stellingwerff         Speed River Tfc        4:16.30
 -- Stephanie Brown              Arkansas                   DNF

Men's Steeple Section 1 - Billy Nelson Returns

Billy Nelson is back!!! The 2008 US Olympian, who basically fell off the map the last two years when he didn't manage to break 8:35 either year, entered tonight's men's steeple race unattached and without a sponsor. Go figure - Nelson used a scintillating kick over the final 300 meters to get the win. In the process, he got a little revenge as the man he edged at the end was the one who defeated him for the 2008 NCAA title, Kyle Alcorn, plus Nelson got the Olympic A standard.

As a result, we imagine Nelson will have a sponsor in the very near future.

Early in the race, 2008 US Olympian Josh McAdams led and he was followed by Ben Bruce and Alcorn, as Nelson was content to run in fifth or sixth, as the leaders went out on roughly 8:30 pace early on, covering four laps in 4:31.4. On the sixth lap, the pace started to get a bit hotter, as it was covered in 65.7 and as the guys began to gear up for the final 600, Alcorn went to the lead. With 400 to go (7:20), it seemed as if the Olympic A standard of 8:23.10 was almost out of the question. But in the end, the rematch of the 2008 NCAA final resulted in Nelson getting the A standard and Alcorn just missing. Entering the final lap, Nelson was maybe 1 second back. With 300 to go, Nelson had drifted to maybe two seconds back but when he turned on the jets, his kick was truly special, just as it was at the 2008 US Olympic Trials, as his final lap was probably in the 61-point range.

The 2nd-place finisher Alcorn didn't miss his PR of 8:21.46 by too much, but his 8:23.27 probably left him a little disappointed, since it was just .17 off the Olympic A and World Championships standard of 8:23.10.

After the race, Nelson told the flotrack interviewer that a return to the "basics" and his college coach Mark Wetmore of Colorado was the key to his big revival tonight. Nelson said the goal for the race was to try to run 8:30-low and see if he could kick off that pace and that's exactly what he did. It's also worth noting that Alcorn has returned to the coaching of his college coach Louis Quintana of Arizona State.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that Wetmore also coaches women's steeple winner Emma Coburn.

Event 14  Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Billy Nelson                 Unattached             8:22.44
  2 Kyle Alcorn                  Nike                   8:23.27
  3 Ben Bruce                    Otc                    8:26.90
  4 Mario Bazan                  Peru                   8:29.18
  5 Donald Cowart                Rmr                    8:31.09
  6 Derek Scott                  Puma                   8:33.50
  7 Alex Genest                  Speed River Tfc        8:33.85
  8 John Ricardi                 Brooks Team            8:36.69
  9 Steve Finley                 Oregon                 8:36.98
 10 Justin Tyner                 Air Force              8:37.54
 11 Adu Dentamo                  Brooks Team            8:38.48
 12 Joshua McAdams               New Balance            8:39.01
 13 David Adams                  Nebraska               8:40.31
 14 Augustus maiyo               Unattached             8:40.98
 15 Jordan Fife                  Brooks Team            8:41.35
 16 Hiroyoshi Umegae             Ntn                    8:42.38
 17 Joonas Harjamaki             Finland                8:50.11
 18 Gilbert Limo                 Texas Tech             8:54.01
 19 Rob Mullett                  Unattached             9:00.38
 20 Kyle Perry                   New Balance            9:13.30
 21 Matthew Williams             Air Force Wcap         9:14.78
 -- Aoi Matsumoto                Otsuka Pharm               DNF

Women's Steeple Section 1 - Emma Coburn Gets Olympic A Standard

In her first steeple of the year, 2010 NCAA steeplechase runner-up Emma Coburn of Colorado put on an impressive display in the ladies' steeple, as she led wire-to-wire and ended up with a big PR and Olympic A standard time of 9:40.51, knocking more than 11 seconds off her previous best of 9:51.86. Coburn, who was 8th indoors in the mile at NCAAs, came into the race in good form as she had run a 4:14.34 PR at Mt. SAC prior to racing at Stanford tonight.

Finishing a well-beaten second was Sara Hall, who ran a modest PR of 9:48.85 (previous best of 9:50.68). Former US record holder Lisa Aguilera was fourth in 9:52.24.

Event 52  Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Emma Coburn                  Colorado               9:40.51
  2 Sara Hall                    Asics                  9:48.85
  3 Beverly Ramos                Unattached             9:50.10
  4 Lisa Aguilera                Nike                   9:52.24
  5 Rebeka Stowe                 Kansas                 9:53.12
  6 Lindsay Allen                Adidas-McMil           9:53.44
  7 Nicole Bush                  Unattached             9:58.94
  8 Genevieve Lalonde            Speed River Tfc        9:59.50
  9 Shalaya Kipp                 Colorado              10:03.37
 10 Claire Michel                Oregon                10:04.65
 11 Eva Krchova                  San Francisco         10:05.53
 12 Lois Ricardi Keller          Club Northwest        10:07.18
 13 Lennie Waite                 TeamROGUE Elite       10:16.51
 14 Dana Buchanan                Speed River Tfc       10:17.80
 15 Meredith MacGregor           Speed River Tfc       10:20.32
 16 Lydia Willemse               Speed River Tfc       10:22.33
 17 Erin Bedell                  Adidas-McMil          10:29.90
 18 Stephanie Pancoast           Nbsv                  10:32.23
 -- Kara June                    TeamROGUE Elite            DNF

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