Galen Rupp Talks About His 2010 Season
Rupp Happy With Year But Thinks He Needs More Mileage and More Workouts With Short Recovery To Keep Improving

August 27, 2010

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The third of three interviews done in Belgium by the team headed by our European friend, video journalist Dennis Kaspori was released today. Today's final video features Nike sponsored athlete Galen Rupp who talked prior to his final race of the 2010 season. Because he's been overshadowed a bit in 2010 by fellow American Chris Solinsky, people may not realize that Rupp's 2010 season has been a good one as he's set pbs all up the ladder - at one mile (3:56.22i), 3000 (7:42.40i), 5000 (13:07.35) and 10000 (27:10.74).

Rupp talked early on in the interview about how's happy with the year he's had, his relationship with Alberto Salazar and then his plans for his 3000 on Sunday in Rieti. He even gave details of his last workout of the year - a 1200, 800, 400 session - that he did prior to Sunday's 3000 in Rieti, Italy. Later in the interview, Rupp talked about what he's learned from the 2010 season and what he thinks he needs to do to improve in the years to come. We give you a few highlights from the interview below but encourage you to watch the entire which appears at the bottom of this page.

Rupp Talking About What He's Learned in 2010
"(I learned that) I need to do a lot more strength and volume. Compared to a lot of the others runners that I'm running against, they are doing a lot more miles and just strength work than I am... We've been real careful to take things gradually but we are getting to a point now where I just have to start making those jumps more and get stronger and that will help me a lot. (I) also (need to) do more stuff with short recovery - that's another big thing. Looking back, we never really have done any of it since I've started so that's another big whole in our training that we are going to fix in the year's to come..."

"I'd say I've probably averaged about 80 or 90 miles a week for big groups of training and I definitely need to get over 100... If I had to guess most of the top guys are running 110 to 120 miles per week. That difference of 20 to 30 miles can be a huge difference in terms of strength."

Rupp Talks About His Favorite And Least Favorite Workouts
"400 meter repeats are always fun and mile repeats - we do a lot of them too. So those are probably two of the good workouts we do. I never like doing tempo runs and long intervals on the grass. Alberto's big on making us run on soft surfaces."

Rupp Gives Props To Chris Solinsky
"What Chris Solinsky has done over the course of the year has been the most impressive thing I can think of. To run under 13:00 minutes three times - he's just been so consistent - and obviously had a great 10k so he's had a great year."



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