CLIF SHOT® BLOKS™ Carbohydrate and Electrolyte Replacement for Performance Athletes

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October 21, 2010

Last month we told you the amazing Clif Bar story (more info here, Clif was started by Gary Erickson who on a 175 mile bike ride decided he could make a better energy bar) and highlighted some of the benefits of CLIF SHOT ROKS® protein bites for recovery.

This month we're back to give you info on another CLIF SHOT® performance product, CLIF SHOT BLOKS® electrolyte chews.

CLIF SHOT BLOKS for Performance Athletes

CLIF SHOT BLOKS are semi-solid, easily chewable sources of carbohydrates and electrolytes that come in the FASTPAK® designed for athletes. The FASTPAK is a streamlined package made to better fit in running shorts and jersey pockets, making Bloks easy to use in training and competition. The FASTPAK opens easily,enabling you to use just one hand to squeeze out each BLOK (six to a packet) one by one.

CLIF SHOT BLOKS, like the popular CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel, are designed for carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement during hard and/or long efforts.  Three CLIF SHOT BLOKS are equal to one packet of CLIF SHOT Energy Gel. BLOKS affect blood sugar levels more slowly than gels since they are semi-solid.

CLIF SHOT BLOKS are customizable since there are six to a package and you can eat as many as you want. You can spread out your BLOKS consumption during your run without getting sticky gel on your shorts.

Customize What Works For You: 8 Flavors, 3 With Caffeine, 1 With 3 Times the Sodium

Another benefit of CLIF SHOT BLOKS is the variety of flavors and options available so you can find what works just for you. There are eight flavors overall: five with no caffeine: Cran-Razz™, Strawberry, Mountain Berry, Lemon-Lime, and Margarita; three with caffeine: Black Cherry and new Tropical Punch (both with 50mg of caffeine), and Orange (25mg of caffeine); Margarita also contains 3 times the sodium for those who need extra electrolytes.

If you're a viewer, have used CLIF SHOT BLOKS and have feedback please email us here.

For more info on CLIF SHOT BLOKS and a CLIF SHOT BLOKS FAQ click here.

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