CLIF SHOT® ROKS™ Protein Bites for Recovery

By Weldon Johnson, (Sponsored Post)
September 9, 2010

As fall marathon season approaches, Clif Bar decided to run a few sponsored posts for their CLIF SHOT® ROKS™ and CLIF SHOT BLOKS® products on We asked them if they'd let us write it.  Fortunately, they let us take a crack at it." We asked them if they'd let us write it.  Fortunately, they let us take a crack at it. (Although you can tell their legal team got involved with the ® signs)

The Amazing Story of Clif Bar

In the day and age of corporate bailouts and corporate irresponsibility, the Clif Bar story is a very cool one. Clif Bar was started by a guy, Gary Erickson. Back in 1990, Gary was on a 175-mile bike ride with his buddy Jay. They packed a few energy bars for their ride—the only one on the market at the time. At mile 120, at the top of Mt. Hamilton near San Francisco, Gary couldn’t take another bite of that energy bar. He couldn’t help but wonder: “What if energy bars were delicious?” At that point, Gary realized he could make something better—an energy bar that tasted great, was made with all-natural ingredients and that could help him get through his long rides. That’s what he calls his epiphany. The rest, is history as they say.

Well, not yet. Gary built a successful company; in 2000 Quaker Oats offered him $120 million for it. He was ready to sign, except for one little problem. According to USA Today he "started to shake. He couldn't breathe." He decided, "I'm not done. I don't have to do this." He kept the company private and now the rest is history—a different type of history.

Clif Bar has all sorts of initiatives dedicated to being an environmental steward. It was named one of the top 100 places to work by Outside Magazine, in part for donating 1% of its sales to environmental causes. Yet, none of these things would be possible if Clif Bar did not make products people like.

CLIF SHOT® ROKS™ for Performance Athletes

Clif Bar is now much more than just its famed Clif Bars. Its entire Clif Shot line is designed for performance athletes (CLIF SHOT Energy Gel, ROKSs, BLOKSs, Electrolyte Replacement Drinks). Now in the Clif Shot line is the CLIF SHOT ROKS—bite-size pieces enabling you to take in exactly the protein you need, when you need it, to maximize your recovery. Plus the protein centers are wrapped in a protective shell that won't melt in the package or in your hands. No more clunky bars or sticky products that will melt in your car. CLIF SHOT ROKS come in 3 flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Each pack contains 10 bite size Roks, with 2 grams of protein in each bite. 20 grams total. Nutritional information on the right. 46-49% Organic and Certified Kosher.

For more info on the Clif Roks click here.

*USAToday Story on Clif Bar founder Gary Erickson

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