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"I wish [running] were more popular. And I think a lot of it is that you have to start with the kids when they're young to keep it going, to keep it alive. So I think it's important to be involved. And it's fun. It mixes it up for me so life's not so stale. A lot of times I look at these women that are beating me and I think 'Oh, they don't have a job, all they do is run.' But then I picture myself doing that and I don't think I'd be so happy. I think you need something else in your life."

- Under the radar US road and cross-country standout Rebecca Donaghue in an interview with Matthew Manfred. She's talking about her high school coaching job in State College, PA and how it helps her running. We think this is really smart advice. It actually helps your running by keeping you happy and it helps the sport.

Big Weekend Of NCAA Action *Pre-Nats *Chile Pepper Festival *Panorama Farms Invitational *Penn State National

LetsRun.com Pre NCAA Polls The LRC voters aren't buying into Stanford at #1, as they chose Oklahoma State men and Washington women as the top teams in the country heading into a big weekend of action.

RUN: NCAA Southeast Cross Country Regional Championship NOV 15
Pre-Nats: *Team Race Assignments
*National D1 Rankings
*The women's races will have individual favorite Jenny Barringer in the Blue and team favorite Washington in the White.
*Both men's races will have big teams battling up front. In the Blue race, Oregon, NAU and Alabama will square off. In the White race, NCAA #1 Stanford will defend their ranking against strong teams from BYU, Portland and Colorado. Overall, 8 of the top 9 teams in the NCAA rankings will be in Terre Haute, with the big exception being NCAA favorite Oklahoma State. Oh and did we forget to mention the guy on the left?
LRC Boards: *Will German race at the Chile Pepper Invite?
*Badgers And Pre Nats
*By how much will Buffalo Jenny Barringer crush the competition at NCAAs?

Cross Country: 37th IAAF World Championships-Junior Men The #4 Cowboys will join ranked Oklahoma and Arkansas at the Chile Pepper Festival in Fayetteville. According to their website and Dave Smith, Ok St. will run the full squad for the 1st time this year, including Mr. German Fernandez and Ryan Vail.

UVA and coach Jason Vigilante are ranked pretty high in the men's (#15) and women's (#10) polls and are staying away from big races early in the season. This weekend, they host a few good teams like men's #11 Syracuse at Panorama Farms Invite. UVA Hosts Small, Elite Meet In Contrast To Pre-Nats

Recommended Watch: News Video On Admitted Drug Cheat Liza Hunter-Galvan, Who Was Busted After Injecting Herself With EPO Many people (including LRC message board posters) have suspected Texas-based Kiwi Liza Hunter-Galvan of cheating for a long time before she tested positive for EPO this year. Now admittedly a cheater (after initially lying), some big names in athletics say it's not fair to throw her under the bus. See what running legend Peter Snell has to say near the end and also tell us if you believe a word of what Hunter-Galvan says or if she seems like a carbon copy of Marion Jones, aka "the best liar in the business."