Word Of The Month: "Manthropology"

"If you're reading this then you ... are the worst man in history. No ifs, no buts -- the worst man, period ... As a class we are in fact the sorriest cohort of masculine Homo sapiens to ever walk the planet."

 - Australian anthropologist Peter McAllister's first sentence from his new book entitled "Manthropology," which explains why aboriginal Aussies could easily outsprint Usain Bolt, Rwandan Tutsis could outjump Ivan Ukhov, and Neanderthal women could crush Arnold Schwarzenegger in arm wrestling at the peak of his training and steroid use.  

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LetsRun.com NCAA Cross Country Polls Are Back Show the coaches how wrong their polls are. The Oregon men started off #1 and now are #7. Our NCAA Polls let you vote for the best teams in the nation and in each major conference.

Recommended Watch: News Video On Admitted Drug Cheat Liza Hunter-Galvan, Who Was Busted After Injecting Herself With EPO Many people (including LRC message board posters) have suspected Texas-based Kiwi Liza Hunter-Galvan of cheating for a long time before she tested positive for EPO this year. Now admittedly a cheater (after initially lying), some big names in athletics say it's not fair to throw her under the bus. See what running legend Peter Snell has to say near the end and also tell us if you believe a word of what Hunter-Galvan says or if she seems like a carbon copy of Marion Jones, aka "the best liar in the business."