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"Usain Bolt brought 60,000 people to the stadium in Berlin, I'll bring a million to the streets."

- The Emperor Haile Gebrselassie on the annual million-man event that has become "His Marathon" thanks to the rare feat of two world records in consecutive autumn outings. In 2009, he'll have his best competition yet in Duncan Kibet (like the rhyme?). LetsRun.com co-founder Rojo thinks Geb's too old for another record. Employee #1 thinks we'll see a new world record ... weather permitting.

7:30AM Live On Competitor.com With Todd Williams And Juli Henner Commentating: Ryan Hall Faces Former NCAA Cross-Country Champ Josh Rohatinsky Sunday In Philly Distance Classic The women's field is intriguing as well, as elder stateswomen Constantina Dita and Catherine Ndereba take on some up-and-comers. On the men's side, 4 of the top 5 American half marathon performances have been run on the fast Philly course. A good read: Ryan Hall Writes - Philly Half Marathon This Sunday Followed By Exciting Announcement Coming Wednesday

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Husky Team Prepare For Aviemore Dog Sled Rally Can Distance Runners Learn From Sled Dogs? Read This Development In Sled Dog Racing Our friend emailed us the link to this National Geographic article discussing sled dogs and their new racing strategies. It used to be that the dogs would race for 6 hours, rest for 6, and repeat. But now mushers have found that on a fat-based diet, the canines click into another gear after many hours of running and can now run for up to 14 hours straight.
*Strangely Inspiring: Cross-Dressing British Comedian Completes 43 Marathons In 52 Days It goes to show where there is a will, there is a way.
*We Would Hope So: WADA Upset With Frequency Of Russian Athletes Testing Positive Lately most of their dopers have been caught in skiing events.

LRC: Interview With Oklahoma State Coach Dave Smith We talked with Dave Smith about the big-time new additions to the Cowboys team, the expectations of German Fernandez, and his biggest challenge as a coach: holding his runners back in practice. In our LRC Preview Of Ok St., we officially put all the pressure on them and rank them #1 in the country over the 2-time defending champs Oregon thanks to the late addition of transfer All-American Girma Mecheso.

Pedro's Cup - Poland *Results

*Wurth-Thomas Over Dobriskey, Symmonds Victorious In 800, Asafa Powell 9.82!!! The track season is winding down. Also a new British record in the women's PV by Kate Dennison (4.60m). Tyson Gay won the 200 easily. Next week, he'll face Powell in the 100 in Korea.

Ambassador Bolt

*Reuters: Bolt Given Jamaica's 4th-Highest Honor & A Highway Will Be Named After Him Bolt is the youngest to ever be given the Order of Jamaica and officially Bolt will be an Ambassador and be allowed to carry a diplomatic passport. We wonder if the speed limit will be infinity on the highway. *Jamaican Prime Minister: "His endearing personality, charisma and passion for his country make him a superb ambassador of Jamaica."
*Interesting Read: Editorial: Celebrating The Usain Bolt In All Of Us The paper says Jamaicans needs to celebrate all Jamaicans who achieve greatness, including Sanya Richards.
*Jamaica To Have 3 Days Of Celebrations For Track Stars In October

Recommended Read Javelin World Champ Steffi Nerius Retires On Top 3 Weeks ago at age 38, she won her first world title in front of an adoring home crowd and realized it will never get any better than that.

Kenyans & Ethiopians Still Really Upset World XC Is Going To Be 2 Year Affair

The 10 Greatest Track & Field Competitions Of All-Time In Order

LRC: The Week That Was This week, the 2009 track season came to a close with the World Athletics Final (WAF), where Anna Willard and Kenenisa Bekele impressed us once again and Usain Bolt was upstaged by Carmelita Jeter as everyone paused to ask, "Is she clean?" Plus some fine road racing performances by Brett Gotcher and Colleen De Reuck in New Haven, as well as Sammy Kitwara in Rotterdam. And even though he got crushed, we tell you why it's time to get excited for Sammy Wanjiru's run at the BOA Chicago Marathon in less than a month and prove once and for all that we don't hate the Oregon Ducks.

Recommended Read: Read About How Running Has Helped A Girl's Depression When Drugs And Therapy Could Not

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