Stand Up and Be Counted - #WeAreUSATF


"USATF’s marketing slogan is #WeAreUSATF. It’s time to act like it. The Board needs to appoint Bob Hersh as the USATF nominee to the IAAF Council."

-LRC's Weldon Johnson in an editorial that details the great lengths the Board of Directors or someone associated with the Board went to try and prevent the membership from having a say on who their IAAF Council nominee is. The members voted 85% for Bob Hersh. The Board instead of respecting this resounding vote, has issued statements on its behalf that were false, while trying to contend it is the delegates who are uninformed about this "complicated" issue. The Board can do the right thing this weekend and reverse its decision.

If you care about this issue take a moment and spread the word with #WeAreUSATF.