March 22, 2013
Bydgodzcz, Poland
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Photos of the Ice and Snow Covered World XC Course in Poland
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World Cross Country 2013 Photos (Highlights of Course in First 19 Photos, Then More Extensive Photos)
Here you are looking at the start from about 75 meters into the race. The runners start at an angle and need to get out fast as heck as just behind this point, they make the first turn.
The first turn is within the first 100 meters. Head left (but then come back right fairly soon after that).
After the fast start, it's unlikely people will get into a nice track like rhythm as most of the course is like this - Totally Flat With TONS of Small Turns
Forget ice and snow and turns, there are man-made obstacles as well, starting small
And getting bigger
Throw in hair pin turns
And it's going to be crazy exciting (people were slipping while jogging)
And of course it likely will be muddy (unless it's incredily cold), but we aren't even at the hardest part yet
New for 2013, a huge hill that people were skiing down
This is the view from the top of the hill - the runners run up this way
The runners go up this every 1950 lap - 6 times for the men
The back side going down  is even steeper (and less than a quarter from the finish)
That's Cam Levins coming down
If coming down a steep hill isn't enough of a thrill for you, there even is mini jump on the way down
Get to the bottom and it's time to sprint for glory as the fiinish is in the distance - maybe 200 meters away.
The Same 2km Loop is Run Over and Over in Each Race
Perfect weather for Team Canada?
Two Rwandan runners didn't seem too fazed.
As well as US junior Sydney Scott
And Japan
Back to the start - more detailed photos of the course follow.
This is the view from the start but the runner's don't go straight here - we learned they actually go left
The first turn is within the first 100 meters
Course was wet in some places
The first jump is very tiny
Team Canada
Smaller obstacle
Tons of gradual turns
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