Ryan Hall Movie in the Works

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April 5, 2012

US distance fans and Ryan Hall fans in particular can get excited, as a full length Ryan Hall film titled "The 41st Day", is in the works. The movie by Tim Jeffreys will chronicle Ryan's quest for stardom at the 2012 Olympics.

Jeffreys, a 71 minute half-marathoner, came up with the idea of the film last year and got Ryan's and his agent, Ray Flynn's approval.

First, Ryan had to get the little detail of making the Olympic team out of the way at the Olympic Marathon Trials in January and Tim has been following Ryan ever since. Tim even went to Turkey for the World Indoor Championships where Ryan's wife, Sara ran the 3000m.

The film aims to bring  to life the dedication, passion, and beauty of world class distance running. Tim said, "I want to tell his story not (just) to the running population... but to Joe six pack. He (Ryan) has the potential to reach over to that audience... It's probably going to be a narrative, a story of him and how his faith moves him and how he channels that and it takes him to the runner he is."

Meet Tim Jeffreys
Tim grew up in rural North Carolina, and got his butt kicked in high school by recent American 3000 collegiate indoor record holder Ryan Hill of North Carolina State. Tim went to the University of South Carolina, and got a degree in mathematics and then had a nice job with an insurance company that even included a cubicle. Tim "absolutely hated it", quit, and decided to look for a way to pursue his passion for running. As he said, "I have too much passion and love for the sport not to be involved with it."

Tim even wrote an article for little LetsRun.com last year (we didn't even realize this until he reminded us when we talked to him yesterday about the film. Well it's a good thing we accidentally blew him off or he'd be writing about this film instead of making it). Last year at USA Nationals, Tim reconnected with coach Greg McMillan of McMillan Running, and Greg hired him as a coach and cinematographer. Tim as a result moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, and that's where he ultimately would connect with Ryan Hall.

In the eyes of LetsRun.com, Flagstaff is "Where Dreams Become Reality", as it was the birthplace of LetsRun.com. Tim's all about pursuing his dream as he said, "I'm a dreamer. When I can do the maximum thing possible, I try to do that. As a running fan, as a person who wants to promote the sport, I think making a film on Ryan Hall leading up to the 2012 London Olympics is as big as it gets."

For the film to get made, it first has to get funded. The goal is to raise $30,000 on kickstarter. At the time of writing Tim has reached half that goal and we think the kickstarter project just launched on Thursday, April 5. People who donate can get cool Ryan Hall memorabilia.  For $25 you get a DVD of the film and a listing in the credits. Want to spend a full-day with Ryan and get a bunch of signed stuff? Then donate $5000. To donate yourself or see all the donation possibilities click here.

A sneak peak trailer of the film below. Donate here.  Film website:  http://www.ryanhallfilm.com

*Fund the Film Here (or Buy a DVD)  Film website:  http://www.ryanhallfilm.com

In other running movie news Endurance, the Haile Gebrselassie movie is finally out on DVD.


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