Author Chris Lear Speaks on Running With the Buffaloes Being Banned

February 2, 2012

Cult classic running book, Running with the Buffaloes, made headlines this week when the local ABC station in Lynchburg, Virginia did a piece on the news on a mother who was outraged the book was in her sons middle school library because the book has foul language.

In case you don't remember one chapter is titled, "F*** This Shit" (we'll have to talk to the LRC censors on whether we should censor the word "Shit").

The book is non-fiction and you think it might be a learning lesson for some middle schoolers, but what do we know.

We reached out to Chris Lear, author of Running with the Buffaloes (and college roommate of LRC founder Rojo). Chris for his safety is at an undisclosed location.

Chris said:

      Middle school is, for most, a dreadful, awkward time....generally speaking, middle school xc runners are not at the top of the social hierarchy, and let's be honest, many end up in xc by default. So that's our starting point.

      Now here's a book that (paraphrasing others) shows that this place where they ended up can be a really special place, and they may surmise after reading it that running may provide an avenue by which they will gain a sense of fulfillment and a sense of self. And they may learn that this melting pot of folks on the team may become like kin should - through shared effort and sacrifice - they  commit to chasing some big goals.

      There are worse takeaways to be found all around in media accessible to middle schoolers everywhere.

      Are there some f-bombs along the way? You bet. Try training like those men trained, and you'll find it's not all unicorns, butterflies and cotton candy.

      At the end of the day, you weigh the cost/benefit of language and message. Would I let my kids read this when they're in middle school. No doubt.

Chris also reminds you if you want to buy Running with the Buffaloes buy the kindle edition. Sure you'll save a tree, but you'll also get him a bigger royalty. We're serious.

To watch the newscast that stated this controversy watch below.

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