January 6, 2012
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Rojo's Puma Gallery
Impression #1. 
These shoes are both good looking and very light. I've been wearing the heavier of the two around (the 400 on the left) and it feels like a slipper.
Puma Faas 250 on left, which seems to be more like a racing flat and the Puma Faas 400 on right.
The Faas seems to have such a low profile with a very minimal arch and 
I wanted to see if was really lower than what I was used to. Yes it is.
I forgot to mention that before one even gets the shoe unwrapped, it's clear that the look of the shoe is key to Puma as shown by this card on the Faas 400.
I understand how the "Helps-You-Look-Good-Business" helps you with the average consumer, but as a former hard-core runner,  have you thought about having the 2nd side or another card that tells you how it can help you run fast? Or maybe an inspirational message from Usain Bolt?
I liked the Bolt signature.
But my favorite is the Bolt pose.
How do you decide what to put on the insole? This one has a cushioning meter and no Bolt. What about putting a funny 
card or note from Bolt in on the inside where that tissue stuffing is?

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