2011 USATF Nationals Predictions

By LetsRun.com
June 22, 2011

Later Wednesday we'll be back and start with the LetsRun.com previews of all the distance events at the 2011 USA Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

But before we show off our true genius, there is the $20,011 LetsRun.com Prediction Contest where we let you the LetsRun.com faithful give us your top 3 in each event.

And while we at little LetsRun.com are super smart, you are hard core fan, are much smarter.

So who do you like to come out at top in the 2011 USATF Nationals?  Look below. Results as of Wednesday at midnight.

(If you want to share your picks there still is plenty of time to enter our $20,011 Prediction Contest)

Who will win the
Men's 800m?
Nick Symmonds 41.6%
Robby Andrews 29.8%
Khadevis Robinson 17.3%
Andrew Wheating 6.7%
Charles Jock 2.5%
Tyler Mulder 1.5%
Cory Primm 0.5%
Other 0.1%
Duane Solomon 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's 1500?
Andrew Wheating 55%
Bernard Lagat 20%
Russell Brown 14.2%
David Torrence 7.8%
Lopez Lomong 1.2%
Leonel Manzano 1.1%
Matt Centrowitz 0.3%
Miles Batty 0.2%
Other 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's 5000m?
Bernard Lagat 95.1%
Chris Solinsky 3.9%
Matt Tegenkamp 0.6%
Galen Rupp 0.5%
Who will win the
Men's 10,000m?
Galen Rupp 54.1%
Chris Solinsky 41%
Bobby Curtis 2.8%
Tim Nelson 1.6%
Ed Moran 0.2%
Ryan Vail 0.1%
Aaron Braun 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's Steeplechase?
Dan Huling 54.5%
Bill Nelson 27.7%
Kyle Alcorn 13.8%
Ben Bruce 1.8%
Steve Slattery 1%
Derek Scott 0.6%
Joshua McAdams 0.2%
Donnie Cowart 0.2%
Other 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's 800m?
Alysia Montano 54.6%
Phoebe Wright 17.5%
Maggie Vessey 13.7%
Alice Schmidt 7.5%
Geena Gall 5%
Molly Beckwith 0.6%
Other 0.6%
Hazel Clark 0.4%
Heather Dorniden-Kampf 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's 1500?
Christin Wurth-Thomas 57.9%
Morgan Uceny 21.8%
Jenny Barringer-Simpson 11.2%
Anna Pierce 4.3%
Shannon Rowbury 3.1%
Katie Follett 0.9%
Treniere Moser 0.2%
Erin Donohue 0.2%
Jordan Hasay 0.2%
Brenda Martinez 0.1%
Brianna Felnagle 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's 5000m?
Shalane Flanagan 74.8%
Molly Huddle 21.2%
Jenny Barringer-Simpson 3.1%
Kara Goucher 0.3%
Jennifer Rhines 0.2%
Lauren Fleshman 0.2%
Amy Hastings 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's 10,000m?
Shalane Flanagan 90.9%
Kara Goucher 3%
Jennifer Rhines 2.4%
Desiree Davila 2%
Amy Begley 0.7%
Other 0.4%
Lisa Koll 0.4%
Kathy Newberry 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's Steeplechase?
Bridget Franek 47.2%
Sara Bei-Hall 27.1%
Emma Coburn 17.4%
Lisa Aguilera 7.5%
Other 0.3%
Delilah Dicrescenzo 0.2%
Nicole Bush 0.1%
Lindsay Allen 0.1

*USATF Schedule *USATF Entries

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