The Greatness Of You, Continued - And A Thanks

May 9, 2011

As we take a moment to recognize the cool people who win our prediction contests, we wanted to take a moment to thank you, our loyal visitor. The site wouldn't exist without you and you keep coming back and spreading the word of the greatness of all that is, and as a result, we continue to smash traffic record after traffic record in 2011.*

A decade ago when we started with a url ( on a jersey, and a simple slogan ("Where Your Dreams Become Reality"), we had no idea where it would take us. All we knew was that we were passionate about running, there were a lot of people like us, and we wanted to cover the SPORT of running better than anyone else. Our goal  was never to be the biggest, but to be the best. Now with over half a million unique monthly visitors, our growth is a testament to what we do at the site and our loyal, knowledgeable visitor - you.

It's been a great journey and we must admit to now dreaming of a bringing in a million unique monthly visitors and the huge bash we'd throw to celebrate. That may be a dream, but to make it reality, we have to stay focused on getting better at what we do. Please email us your ideas and suggestions for what you want to see on in 2011 and beyond.

People ask us what they can do to support the site. That is easy. First, continue to contribute to the site by posting on our forums, emailing us articles of interest, spreading the word, even reporting inappropriate posts on our forums (click on "report post" in the upper right-hand column). Without our community, the site would not exist. You all are and you make it so great.

Secondly, you can support our advertisers. Their support makes possible. We know we have the most influential runners in every community on our site, and the more you support the advertisers on, the more they want to advertise on our site.

Thirdly, you can buy your shoes through our partners. We get a direct commission when you buy shoes through one of our partners - Road Runner Sports,, and For example, you can click here to save 15% off from Road Runner Sports and support at the same time.

So before you surf away, email us one suggestion you have for in 2011.

* Like the Boston times this year, our traffic records come with an asterik. Why? Because this is the first year our server has not crashed during the Boston Marathon thanks to visitor Sasha Pachev. Sasha is a linux consultant and in our book a MySQL genius (he was on the MySQL development team from 2000 to 2002 and wrote a book on MySQL). He also is very passionate about running and has a blog, Sasha did some work on our new server and the rest, like Boston 2011, was history. Sasha is a perfect testament of all the great people who make up the community. So if you've got an idea that can help us, please email us.


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