Sara Hall and Chris Thompson Win Inaugural NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5k

November 5, 2011

Brit Chris Thompson and American Sara Hall won the inaugural NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5k which was held one day before the New York City Marathon and had the same fabled finish as the marathon.

On the men's side, while the Oregon Track Club member Thompson outkicked Aaron Braun and Dathan Ritzenhein for the win, the big news was that Dathan Ritzenhein ran his first race since last year's New York City Marathon his double foot surgery in March. Ritz came through injury free but most importantly showed his fitness to be at a high level in advance of the Olympic Marathon Trials in ten weeks. With his showing today, Ritz put aside any questions about his fitness and showed he will be a factor in Houston if he can stay healthy the next ten weeks. Ritz had some interesting comments on his marathon training and his desire to run fast on the track that warrant its own story here. For a more detailed, blow by blow of the race click here.

On the women's side, recent Pan Am Games steeplechase gold medallist Sara Hall continued her excellent fall campaign and got the win over Julie Culley and Sally Kipyego. Culley was the winner of the USATF 5k Road Championships in September and Kipyego arguably was the second best female distance runner on the track in the world this year so it was a nice win for Sara. Afterwards Sara said (interview embedded below), "Maybe I was a little sharper (than some of the others, but)... this was an incredible field and this was fund to just run hard and compete." She is looking forward to next year,  and leaving open her options. She said, "It's exciting to finish the season well and to go into next year on a good note. I can't wait for next year....I love the steeple. It feels like I'm owning it, but I also love the 1500 and the 5."

Although a competitive race, in some ways the race is more of a recruiting tool for the NYRR than anything else (athletes got appearance fees but there was no prize money, and it reminded us road races in the early 1980s with a lot of Westerners battling for the crown, as all the athletes were US based). And from listening to the athletes it appeared to be an excellent recruiting tool. Braun and Thompson were almost giddy about running the NYC Marathon finish.  Ryan Hall may be the marathoner in Hall family right now, but Sara Hall said that might change in the future: "I've been watching this race the last six years and seeing this finish line and how exciting it is. I want to run the marathon one day and finish here one day."

Results and video interviews below. *Race Results Weekly Recap of race here

Sara Hall After Winning

Dathan Ritzenhein (Full Story on him here)


Top Men's Results, more here *Race Results Weekly Recap of race here

                Time Pace
1 Thompson Chris M30 OCT Eugene OR USA 0:13:53 04:29
2 Braun Aaron M24 TAZ Flagstaff AZ USA 0:13:53 04:29
3 Ritzenhein Dathan M28 OCT Portland OR USA 0:13:56 04:30
4 Bethke Brandon M24   Ann Arbor MI USA 0:13:59 04:31
5 Bumbalough Andrew M24 OCT Portland OR USA 0:14:00 04:31
6 True Ben M25 SAUC Hanover NH USA 0:14:02 04:32
7 Tegenkamp Matt M29 OCT Portland OR USA 0:14:02 04:32
8 Lomong Lopez M26 OCT Beaverton OR USA 0:14:04 04:33
9 Olinger Brian M28 REEB Columbus OH USA 0:14:06 04:33
10 Jager Evan M22 OCT Portland OR USA 0:14:12 04:35
11 Hesch Christian M32 NRLA Morro Bay CA USA 0:14:18 04:37
12 Gotcher Brett M27 TAZ Flagstaff AZ USA 0:14:21 04:38
13 Okuti Harbert M26 WTC High Falls NY USA 0:14:23 04:39
14 Bruce Ben M29 OCT Eugene OR USA 0:14:47 04:47
15 Bauhs Scott M25 ADID Mammoth Lakes CA USA 0:14:48 04:47
16 Leduc Matt M30   AJAX   USA 0:15:41 05:04
17 O'Connor Kieran M24 0 NEW YORK NY USA 0:15:44 05:05
18 Hartnett Bobby M23 NYAC New York NY USA 0:15:54 05:08
19 McCambley Lucas M22 CCMS WESTPORT CT USA 0:16:05 05:12
20 Ginty Pat M17   SMITHTOWN NY USA 0:16:13 05:14
21 Maline Matt M35   BROOKLYN NY USA 0:16:27 05:19
22 Stensjoe Gustaf M15 0 SAVEDALEN   USA 0:16:34 05:21
23 Trautmann John M43 0 NEW YORK NY USA 0:16:43 05:24
24 Byrne Rich M47   HACKENSACK NJ USA 0:16:49 05:26
25 Caroleo Mark M26 0 ASTORIA NY USA 0:16:53 05:27

Top Women's Results

                Time Pace
1 Hall Sara F28 ASIC Flagstaff AZ USA 0:15:56 05:09
2 Culley Julie F30 NYAC Lebanon NJ USA 0:16:00 05:10
3 Kipyego Sally F25 OCT Eugene OR USA 0:16:03 05:11
4 Lewy Boulet Magdalena F38 SAUC Oakland CA USA 0:16:05 05:12
5 Armstrong Peyton Meghan F25 TMN Richfield MN USA 0:16:06 05:12
6 Hastings Amy F27 BRKS Mammoth Lakes CA USA 0:16:07 05:12
7 Rothstein Stephanie F27 TAZ Flagstaff AZ USA 0:16:09 05:13
8 Uhl Lisa F24 OCT Portland OR USA 0:16:13 05:14
9 Petrina Leonora F29 SAUC NORTHPORT NY USA 0:16:14 05:15
10 Maloy Liz F26 NEWB Washington DC USA 0:16:15 05:15
11 Brown Megan F26 0 TORONTO   USA 0:16:17 05:16
12 Koons Frances F25 NEWB Allentown PA USA 0:16:23 05:18
13 Kastor Deena F38 ASIC Mammoth Lakes CA USA 0:16:24 05:18
14 Higginson Ashley F22 0 Princeton NJ USA 0:16:27 05:19
15 Infeld Maggie F25 NYAC Washington DC USA 0:16:38 05:22
16 Bizzarri Angela F23 BRKS Mammoth Lakes CA USA 0:16:39 05:23
17 Lefrak Caroline F27 NYAC New York NY USA 0:16:56 05:28
18 Tomlin Renee F22 NIKE Washington DC USA 0:17:03 05:30
19 Wassner Bec F36 0 NEW YORK NY USA 0:17:21 05:36
20 Anderson Cheryl F30 NYAC Branford CT USA 0:17:38 05:41
21 Pietese Zola F45 0 NEW YORK NY USA 0:18:18 05:54
22 McLarty Andrea F34 0 SANTA BARBARA CA USA 0:18:19 05:55
23 Pauer Nada Ina F24 0 WIEN (VIENNA)   USA 0:18:38 06:01
24 Maguire Liz F45   OTTAWA   USA 0:18:55 06:07
25 Vollweiler Jill F43 CPTC PURCHASE NY USA 0:19:08 06:11

More on Ritz's Marathon Preparations and Track Ambitions: "The talent's still there. I'm still young... I think I can run what Galen and Mo did this year in the 10k."

Disclosure: The NYRR advertised on LRC this week.

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