Day 1 2010 USATFs: Galen Rupp Reigns Supreme, Amy Begley Over Hometown Hero Lisa Koll

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Day 1 of the 2010 USATF champs saw Galen Rupp win the men's 10k as expected and 2008 Olympian and 2009 USA #1 Amy Begley defeat hometown favorite and 2010 NCAA star Lisa Koll in the women's 10k. Plus there was qualifying action in the men's and women's 800, women's 1500 and women's steeple. Brief recaps and results below.

Men’s 10,000m Run: Rupp Cruises as Expected

The men’s 10k saw a number of lead changes and an even wider variety of lap splits as the field tried to figure out just what to do about Galen Rupp. The early pace was beyond pedestrian. For reference, the leaders passed through 3k a mere 6 seconds faster than juniors Emily Sisson and Jordan Hasay. 800 meters later, James Carney made a move to break the race open.  Covering his next lap in 62.9, Carney created a sizeable gap between himself and the rest of the field. Patrick Smyth quickly responded to the move, as did Galen Rupp who had been content to sit towards the back third of the pack. The excitement was short lived however as the pace slowed again over the next two laps. With just a little over two miles left in the race, almost everyone in the field seemed ready to take their shot. Smyth, Moen, and Carney all took a turn in the lead before relinquishing the lead to Ed Moran and Rupp. Moran fought bravely, throwing the best he had at one of the country’s most decorated distance runners but in the end it just wasn’t enough. With a lap and a half to go, Rupp did exactly what everyone expected him to do and put a quick gap on Moran who had no choice but to settle for second. Behind them, Ryan Sheehan and David Jankowski were locked in a fierce battle for third.  Little did they know, Smyth, who had faded very hard in the penultimate laps, was launching an unbelievable kick from 350 meters out to capture third place. In the meantime, Galen Rupp was all smiles as he receiving his medal. As he so perfectly put it, “Winning national championships never gets old.”

*Longer RRW recap of 10k here

  1 Galen Rupp                   Nike                  28:59.29
  2 Edward Moran                 Nike                  29:03.07
  3 Patrick Smyth                Team USA Minnesota    29:18.13
  4 Ryan Sheehan                 Hansons-Brooks        29:18.55
  5 David Jankowski              ZAP Fitness           29:18.99
  6 Josh Simpson                 NYAC                  29:22.43
  7 Mikhail Sayenko              Club Northwest        29:26.89
  8 James Carney                 New Balance           29:32.50
  9 Fasil Bizuneh                New Balance           29:33.17
 10 Jimmy Grabow                 unattached            29:33.47
 11 Robert Cheseret              unattached            29:48.43
 12 Sergio Reyes                 Asics Aggie RC        29:50.76
 13 Scott Bauhs                  adidas                29:51.91
 14 Joshua Moen                  Team USA Minnesota    29:52.56
 15 Brian Medigovich             Hansons-Brooks        29:53.78
 16 Daniel Browne                unattached            29:54.64
 17 Sean Houseworth              US Air Force          30:13.56
 18 Crosby Freeman               Asics Aggie RC        30:19.32
 19 Michael Krisch               Georgetown            30:35.71
 20 Christian Wagner             Hansons-Brooks        30:46.73
 21 Jesse Armijo                 Brooks                30:51.95
 22 Jonathan Kotter              Brigham Young         31:13.78
 23 Marco Anzures                Cal Los Angeles       32:15.42
 -- Charlie Serrano              unattached                 DNF

Women’s 10,000m Run: Amy Begley Dispatches Hometown Hero and NCAA Star Lisa Koll

The women’s 10k played out much more calmly than the men’s race. Olympian Blake Rusell took care of the majority of the early work, eventually stringing the lead pack out into just seven runners by 4k. With two and a half miles to go, the crowd erupted as Iowa native and NCAA 2010 superstar Lisa Koll took the lead with conviction. Olympian and veteran Amy Begley was more than happy to sit behind the recently graduated collegian. As Koll continued her attempt to tighten the screws on Begley, Desiree Davila made a bold move and never looked back. She had spent most of the earlier parts of the race staying back from the lead pack, but it paid off as the marathoner finished strong to eventually capture third place. In the meantime, Blake Russell showed that though she was down she not out by moving up from the back of the lead pack to finish fourth.

The most memorable moment of the race had to be Begley’s stellar kick. Just shy of a lap to go, Begley quickly dropped the hometown hero on her way to a seven second victory. Koll showed a great deal of composure as she held her own and continued to finish strong down the final straight much to the delight of her many fans.
*Longer RRW recap of 10k here

  1 Amy Begley                   Nike                  32:06.45
  2 Lisa Koll                    Iowa State            32:11.72
  3 Desiree Davila               Hansons-Brooks        32:22.32
  4 Blake Russell                Reebok                32:46.73
  5 Amy Hastings                 Brooks                32:49.07
  6 Megan Hogan                  George Washington     32:52.84
  7 Katie McGregor               Team USA Minnesota    32:58.62
  8 Allison Grace                ZAP Fitness           33:12.70
  9 Clara Grandt                 West Virginia         33:28.54
 10 Erin Nehus                   unattached            33:49.17
 11 Meghan Armstrong             Team USA Minnesota    33:54.05
 12 Cassandra Slade              Boulder Running Co    33:57.32
 13 Kara Storage                 Infinite Running      34:01.86
 14 Kim Conley                   Asics Aggie RC        34:16.91
 15 Tara Erdmann                 unattached            34:23.55
 16 Tanya Zeferjahn              Queens Univ-          34:28.27
 17 Danielle Domenichelli        Cal Santa Barbara     34:29.27
 18 Amanda Goetschius            Charlotte             34:39.09
 19 Tara Storage                 Infinite Running      34:40.18
 20 Rachel Booth                 New Balance           34:54.95
 21 Brooke Wells                 Impala Racing Team    34:56.19
 22 Nicole Feest                 Boulder Running Co    35:01.03
 23 Natasha LaBeaud              Georgetown            35:06.99
 -- Sarah Porter                 Western Washington         DNF
 -- Megan Duwell                 unattached                 DNS
 -- Katherine Newberry           NYAC                       DNS

Men’s 800m Run: Symmonds Cruises, Robinson Does Not Start

Oregon Track Club’s and former NCAA indoor champ at Northern Iowa Tyler Mulder looked right at home as he won the first heat of the men’s 800m prelims with a swift kick at the line. Mulder bided his time as Cory Primm took the early lead and continued to hang back as Duane Solomon of Saucony opened his stride after the bell. Coming down the home stretch, Primm swung wide but faded as Mulder, former NCAA champ Jacob Hernandez, collegian Michael Rutt and Solomon towered down the final meters. Despite the excitement at the line, Primm, Gagnon and Golden Coachman still managed to qualify for the Semi Finals.

1 Tyler Mulder Oregon TC Elite 1:47.18 Q
2 Jacob Hernandez Nike 1:47.28 Q
3 Michael Rutt Connecticut 1:47.31 Q
4 Duane Solomon Saucony 1:47.35 q
5 Cory Primm Cal Los Angeles 1:47.79 q
6 Brian Gagnon Connecticut 1:48.05 q
7 Golden Coachman US Army 1:48.11 q
8 Erik Sowinski unattached 1:48.92
9 Alan Schmitz unattached 1:50.29
10 Ryan Waite Brigham Young 1:52.24

In the second heat, Karjuan Williams wasted no time getting to the front and controlling the race as he crossed the line in 1:47.02, the fastest time of the day. Behind him, Ryan Brown and Mark Wieczorek grabbed the last two auto spots as LSU’s Richard Jones held off a ferocious final 80m from Oregon freshman Elijah Greer.

1 Karjuan Williams adidas 1:47.02 Q
2 Ryan Brown Asics 1:47.50 Q
3 Mark Wieczorek Oregon TC Elite 1:47.75 Q
4 Richard Jones LSU 1:47.76 q
5 Elijah Greer Oregon 1:47.92 q
6 Brandon Shaw unattached 1:48.24
7 Aaron Dixon Missouri 1:48.37
8 James O'Brien Indiana Invaders 1:48.64
9 Blake Irwin Missouri 1:49.95
DNS Khadevis Robinson Nike

The crowd in Des Moines awaited anxiously for the arrival Nick Symmonds and were far from disappointed.  As the field toed the line, Symmonds calmly walked over, taking a sip of his water before handing the bottle over to an official. Even the competition was waiting for the Nick Symmonds show to begin. Off the line, Symmonds went immediately to the back of his alley. Meanwhile, California Irvine’s Charles Jock took the early lead. As the race progressed, Symmonds found himself behind a group of runners that had moved to the outside of lane one in anticipation of the kick. The veteran tactician made no hesitation as he passed runner after runner on the inside, moving all the way up to the leaders before realizing the lane had closed.  “I thought I might be able to ride this to the front” said Symmonds, “but I just ran out of room.” Symmonds spent the next forty meters swinging wide to secure his position in the final, but instead decided that while he was there he might as well win the thing. Speaking of the frenzied finish, “I had enough speed to get me through.”

The big news was that 4 time USATF champ Khadevis Robinson did not start his prelim and will not be able to challenge Symmonds.

1 Nick Symmonds Oregon TC Elite 1:47.91 Q
2 Charles Jock Cal Irvine 1:47.99 Q
3 Matt Scherer Oregon TC Elite 1:48.01 Q
4 Lance Roller Virginia 1:48.17 q
5 Sean Tully NYAC 1:48.19
6 Jeff Moriarty Columbia 1:48.23
7 Owen Dawson Penn State 1:49.69
8 Patrick Roach unattached 1:49.77
9 Ryan Martin Cal Santa Barbara 1:51.28

Women’s 1500m Run: Rowbury, Flanagan, Wurth, Pierce Final Setup

The first heat featured world champs bronze 1500m medallist, Shannon Rowbury, worlds champ 10k bronze medallist Shalane Flanagan, and sub 4 1500m runner Christin Wurth.  Heidi Dahl and Lauren Bonds set the early pace before fading to the back of the pack. Meanwhile, eventual victor Rowbury, waited patiently towards the front of the pack before she and runner up Shalane Flanagan overtook a tiring Christin Wurth.  Wurth, who made a bold move at 650m to go still advanced to the final with her third place finish.

1 Shannon Rowbury Nike 4:11.87 Q
2 Shalane Flanagan Oregon TC Elite 4:11.94 Q
3 Christin Wurth Nike 4:12.34 Q
4 Margaret Infeld NYAC 4:13.55 q
5 Emily Infeld Georgetown 4:15.37 q
6 Katherine Follett Brooks 4:16.20
7 Heidi Dahl New Balance 4:20.62
8 Lauren Bonds Kansas 4:21.74
9 Molly Lehman NYAC 4:26.16
DNS Treniere Moser Nike

In the second heat, Erin Donahue did most of the early work as Sarah Bowman led a small pack from the inside. Coming into the bell lap, 2009 World beater at 800m and sub 4 1500m runner Anna Pierce demonstrated some great turnover as she moved from fifth up to second before ultimately finishing just shy of Donahue.  Minnesota’s Gabriele Anderson was the only collegian to advance out of the second heat, joining Georgetown’s Emily Infeld of the first heat in the final.

The final should be a hot one as Rowbury, Flanagan, Wurth and Pierce all made it as expected.

1 Erin Donohue Nike 4:11.72 Q
2 Anna Pierce Nike 4:11.82 Q
3 Sara Hall Asics 4:11.96 Q
4 Sarah Bowman New Balance 4:13.34 q
5 Gabriele Anderson Minnesota 4:13.47 q
6 Amy Mortimer Reebok 4:13.62 q
7 Lauren Hagans Asics 4:14.65 q
8 Lauren Centrowitz unattached 4:17.72
9 Karly Hamric unattached 4:19.43
DNS Jordan Hasay Oregon

Prelims: Women’s 800m Run: Favorites Advance

In heat 1, NCAA champ Phoebe Wright continued her spectacular winning streak by holding off a late charge from veteran Morgan Uceny in the final meters of the race. Wright chose to lead the race from the break and did so with a poise not often seen from collegians at the professional level. Coming off of the top of the final turn, Uceny and last year’s breakout star Maggie Vessey looked poised to go wide and pass the Tennessee senior. Uceny continued to fight the final 100 meters while Vessey opted to hold back and smoothly stride in as all the favorite advanced..

1 Phoebe Wright Tennessee 2:02.33 Q
2 Morgan Uceny Reebok 2:02.39 Q
3 Maggie Vessey New Balance 2:03.03 Q
4 Christine Whalen Georgetown 2:05.03 q
5 Christina Rodgers Arizona 2:05.54
6 Holli Hosch Northern Iowa 2:05.62
7 Andria Nussey Angelo State 2:07.82
8 Lindsey Hartman Indiana 2:10.77
9 Annick Lamar unattached 2:11.06
10 Heather Dorniden Team USA Minnesota 2:11.11
11 Molly Beckwith Indiana 2:15.59

Heat 2 had one of the first great finishes of the weekend as Latavia Thomas of LSU held her own for third place against the onslaught of Nike runners barreling down the final stretch.  Alysia Johnson secured her spot as one of the favorites for Sunday’s final with a dominant race from start to finish, but she will still have to make it past Friday’s semis as well as former USATF champs Treniere Moser (2nd) (3 time USATF 1500m champ) and five time USATF 800m champ Hazel Clark (4th).

1 Alysia Johnson Nike 2:02.19 Q
2 Treniere Moser Nike 2:02.38 Q
3 Latavia Thomas LSU 2:02.41 Q
4 Hazel Clark Nike 2:02.45 q
5 Tamika Kinchen unattached 2:04.00 q
6 Ty Davis Team Indiana Elite 2:05.27 q
7 Kimarra McDonald unattached 2:05.89
8 Lauren Johnson unattached 2:05.97
DNS Mary Quiett DePaul
DNS Anna Layman Washington State

Heat 3 was no let down either as a horde of women came barreling down the final ten meters for a thrilling finish. Through 600, former Wake Forest All American Nikeya Green led former NCAA champ Geena Gall and Olympian Alice Schmidt. As the runners came down the final straight however, it was a five woman race for three automatic spots. Lindsay Schnell (3rd) and Laura Januszewski (4th) made a late burst to pass a fading Green and finish behind Gall (1st) and Schmidt (2nd).

1 Geena Gall Oregon TC Elite 2:03.52 Q
2 Alice Schmidt Nike 2:03.64 Q
3 Lindsey Schnell unattached 2:03.67 Q
4 Laura Januszewski Team NoDak 2:03.68 q
5 Nikeya Green unattached 2:04.27 q
6 Renee Tomlin Georgetown 2:05.19 q
7 Lea Wallace Cal State Sacramento 2:05.44
8 Keri Bland West Virginia 2:05.63
9 Joan Bohlke New Balance Boston 2:06.80
DNS Christin Wurth Nike

Women’s 3000m Steeple

Heat 1 of the women’s steeplechase held no big surprises as the top five seeds in the race (including four sub 10’ers) advanced easily to the final. The race was not without excitement however as the crowd enjoyed a Big Ten dual between former Michigan State runner Nicole Bush and NCAA champion Bridget Franek of Penn State. Over the final lap, Franek continued to put distance on Bush and the rest of the field with each barrier.    Fellow Big Ten harrier Sarah Pease of IU grabbed the first non-automatic spot in the final as she made a late charge closing strong on Masciana and Houlihan.

Always the competitor, Franek was “happy to have someone to run with and looks forward to more of the same in the final.”

On paper, Heat 2 didn’t appear to be anything but a race for the last three auto spots behind the eventual winner, former USATF champ  Lisa Aguilera (pictured below). With a scratch from Princeton’s Ashley Higginson, Aguilera had only McMillan Elite’s Lindsay Allen and the rest of the field to worry about. Aguilera took no time getting to the front and turning the race into what would soon come to be a five woman race over the final laps.  In the end, it was Rogue Running’s Kara June and MIT’s Jacqueline Wentz who would grab the final automatic qualifying spots behind Allen.

The final will be run this Sunday at 1:15pm (Central) and will be comprised of seven collegians and seven professionals.

1 Bridget Franek Penn State 9:58.91 Q
2 Nicole Bush New Balance 10:00.69 Q
3 Juliane Masciana Janes Elite Racing 10:01.40 Q
4 Shayla Houlihan Brooks 10:02.17 Q
5 Sarah Pease Indiana 10:02.86 Q
6 Stephanie Garcia Virginia 10:05.05 q
7 Rebeka Stowe Kansas 10:11.48 q
8 Alicia Nelson Adams State 10:18.37 q
9 Lois Ricardi Keller unattached 10:21.23
10 Mason Cathey Indiana Invaders 10:23.14

Heat 2 Results

1 Lisa Aguilera Nike 10:02.75 Q
2 Lindsay Allen McMillan Elite-adidas 10:03.81 Q
3 Kara June Rogue Running 10:05.40 Q
4 Jacqueline Wentz MIT 10:05.64 Q
5 Stephanie Pezzullo unattached 10:07.13 Q
6 Lauren Gregory Georgetown 10:14.26 q
7 Kristen Hemphill Colorado State 10:19.76
8 Jane Rudkin unattached 10:20.77
DNS Ashley Higginson Princeton




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