NCAA 3,000m Steeplechase Preview - Princeton Sweep?

June 6, 2010

Men's And Women's Steeplechase Preview
Princeton has top contenders in both the men's and women's races with Donn Cabral and Ashley Higginson. Higginson is probably less likely to win with Penn State's Bridget Franek leading the field. Higginson has run a sub-10 this year and won her heat at regionals. But Franek emphatically won her heat by almost half a lap and, given her experience and toughness, is the clear favorite. Emma Coburn of Colorado is the other definite top contender along with Silje Fjortoft of SMU.

On the men's side there is no clear favorite. Cabral and Matt Hughes of Louisville ran national-leading times at the East regional. Richard Nelson of BYU is another top pick, along with 2009 NCAA runner-up Hillary Bor of Iowa State and Barnabus Kirui of Mississippi St. Picks - Men's Steeple
1. Donn Cabral
2. Hillary Bor
3. Richard Nelson
4. Matt Hughes Picks - Women's Steeple
1. Bridget Franek
2. Emma Coburn
3. Silje Fjortoft
4.Ashyley Higginson

Men Steeple Schedule:
6:15pm Wednesday - Semifinal
6:00pm Friday - Final

Women Steeple Schedule:
6:15pm Thursday - Semifinal
10:54pm Saturday - Final

Men's Steeple West Qualifiers
1 Richard Nelson            SR Brigham Young          8:45.76Q
2 Joonas Harjamaki          JR Lamar                  8:46.07Q
3 Steve Sodaro              JR California             8:51.55Q
4 Julian DeRubira           SR Santa Barbara          8:46.48Q
5 Hillary Bor               JR Iowa State             8:48.72Q
6 Nicodemus Ng'etich        SR Texas-El Paso          8:51.93Q
7 Dylan Knight              JR UCLA                   8:47.37Q
8 Brett Hales               JR Weber State            8:49.02Q
9 John Sullivan             JR Stanford               8:52.50Q
10 Jace Nye                  SR Weber State            8:49.31q
11 John Ricardi              SR Idaho State            8:49.35q
12 Gilbert Limo              JR Texas Tech             8:54.26q

Men's Steeple East Qualifiers
1   Matt Hughes JR  Louisville  8:34.87 Q                       3(1)
2   Donn Cabral SO  Princeton   8:35.60 Q                       3(2)
3   Stephen Finley  JR  Virginia    8:40.56 Q                       3(3)
4   Martin Kirui    JR  Mississippi 8:42.47 q                       3(4)
5   John Martinez   SR  North Carolina State    8:43.70 q                       3(5)
6   Ryan McDermott  JR  Duke    8:44.36 q                       3(6)
7   De'Sean Turner  SO  Indiana 8:47.22 Q                       2(1)
8   Barnabas Kirui  SR  Mississippi 8:47.41 Q                       1(1)
9   Evans Kigen JR  Liberty 8:47.59 Q                       1(2)
11  Adu Dentamo SR  Charlotte   8:47.89 Q               [8:47.881]      2(2)
12  Harry Miller    SR  William & Mary  8:47.89 Q               [8:47.886]      2(3)
14  Cory Leslie SO  Ohio State  8:49.06 Q                       1(3)


Women's Steeple West Qualifiers
1 Silje Fjortoft            JR Southern Methodist    10:08.20Q
2 Emma Coburn               SO Colorado              10:08.35Q
3 Kristen Hemphill          SR Colorado State        10:11.00Q
4 Shalaya Kipp              FR Colorado              10:10.04Q
5 Winrose Karunde           JR Texas Tech            10:12.36Q
6 Eva Krchova               FR San Francisco         10:16.60Q
7 Ruth Senior               SO New Mexico            10:15.46Q
8 Martina Tresch            FR Kansas State          10:16.85Q
9 Hannah Moen               SO Arizona               10:17.99Q
10 Marie Lawrence            SO Washington            10:16.32q
11 Maddie O'Meara            SR Stanford              10:20.30q
12 Rebeka Stowe              SO Kansas                10:23.40q

Women's Steeple East Qualifiers
1   Bridget Franek  SR  Penn State  9:56.12 Q                       3(1)
2   Sarah Pease JR  Indiana 10:13.09    Q                       1(1)
3   Shelby Greany   FR  Providence  10:19.32    Q                       1(2)
4   Ashley Higginson    JR  Princeton   10:20.85    Q                       2(1)
5   Sarah Klaczynski    SR  Purdue  10:22.81    Q                       1(3)
6   Lauren Gregory  SR  Georgetown  10:24.93    q                       1(4)
7   Julie Northrup  SR  Florida 10:27.44    q                       1(5)
8   Nicole Rozario  SO  South Florida   10:30.36    Q                       2(2)
9   Stephanie Pancoast  SR  Cornell 10:30.63    Q                       2(3)
10  Jennifer Dunn   SO  Florida State   10:31.74    Q                       3(2)
11  Jenielle Hunt   SR  Ohio    10:31.98    q                       2(4)
13  Anne Lovelace SO Yale 10:32.92 Q              3(3)

NCAA Outdoor Championships At Hayward Field

The stage is set for an exciting NCAA Outdoor Championships weekend in Eugene, Oregon. We've worked together with our friends at to preview every event at the meet. In distance events, look for difficult double attempts from Andrew Wheating (800/1,500), Lisa Koll (10k/5k) and Sam Chelanga (10k/5k). In sprints, the men's 400 may be the fastest race in the world so far this year. In the team race, the Oregon men and women enter as slight underdogs to sprint powers Texas A&M and Florida, adding even more intrigue to the distance races. We'll see how much of a lift the Ducks get in front of home crowds at Hayward Field. The meet runs Wednesday-Saturday.

NCAA Schedule, Info
*'s Emory Mort will be in Eugene covering the event, so check back for daily updates.
*TV: CBS College will air the championship live on Friday from 8-10 p.m. (EASTERN) and CBS will air it live on Saturday from 1-3 p.m. (EASTERN). will stream the rest of the championship online.




In case you're curious, 2009 NCAA steeplechase results

1 Jennifer Barringer SR Colorado 9:25.54 10
2 Nicole Bush SR Michigan State 9:40.49 8
3 Mel Lawrence FR Washington 9:40.98 6
4 Bridget Franek JR Penn State 9:48.57 5
5 Lennie Waite SR Rice 10:01.40 4
6 Erin Bedell JR Baylor 10:01.72 3
7 Sarah Pease SO Indiana 10:11.77 2
8 Zsofia Erdelyi SO Southern California 10:12.31 1
9 Stephanie Garcia JR Virginia 10:14.35
10 Patricia Loughlin SR Duke 10:15.56
11 Emma Coburn FR Colorado 10:22.58
12 Claire Michel SO Oregon 10:29.16
13 Danielle Bradley JR Baylor 10:34.16
-- Silje Fjortoft SO Southern Methodist DNF

Men Finals
1 Kyle Perry SR Brigham Young 8:29.24 10
2 Hillary Bor SO Iowa State 8:35.12 8
3 Stephen Lisgo JR Butler 8:35.49 6
4 Jake Morse SR Texas 8:38.25 5
5 Scott MacPherson SR Arkansas 8:38.87 4
6 Josh Karanja SR Eastern Michigan 8:40.16 3
7 Cory Thorne SR Louisville 8:45.86 2
8 Kyle Heath SR Syracuse 8:45.95 1
9 Chris Winter SR Oregon 8:46.06
10 Richard Nelson JR Brigham Young 8:50.08
11 Ricardo Estremera SR Albany 8:51.50
12 Donald Cowart SR Virginia Military 8:54.93
13 Gilbert Limo SO Texas Tech 9:00.28
14 Ryan Gasper JR Wisconsin 9:26.64






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