2010 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Predictions and Preview

By LetsRun.com
June 9, 2010

We at LetsRun.com pride ourselves on the track and field knowledge of our visitors. You all know a ton about track and field and thus you appreciate what we do at the site on a daily basis.

Since at the indoor meet, we muzzled Emloyee #1 from picking Robby Andrews over Andrew Wheating in the men's 800, we have no right to give you our picks for this year's NCAA outdoor meet.

Instead we present to you our visitors picks for the meet from our $20,010 NCAA Prediction Contest.

*For a preview of this year's meet click here.   *For Results click here.


Who will win the
Women's 800m?
Phoebe Wright 91.6%
LaTavia Thomas 6.7%
Molly Beckwith 0.7%
Lacey Cramer 0.5%
Purity Biwott 0.2%
Anne Kesselring 0.1%
Kayann Thompson 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's 800m?
Andrew Wheating 71.5%
Robby Andrews 25.9%
Charles Jock 0.6%
Aaron Evans 0.6%
Richard Jones 0.5%
Michael Rutt 0.4%
Casimir Loxsom 0.4%
Other 0.1%
Ryan Foster 0.1%


Who will win the
Women's 1500?
Katie Follett 48.7%
Zoe Buckman 18.5%
Brenda Martinez 11.5%
Charlotte Browning 11.5%
Jordan Hasay 6.8%
Mihaela Susa 1.4%
Lauren Bonds 0.7%
Ashley Verplank 0.5%
Pilar McShine 0.5%
Other 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's 1500?
Andrew Wheating 55.9%
Lee Emanuel 24.3%
Matt Centrowitz, JR 15.3%
Jack Bolas 1.4%
AJ Acosta 1.2%
Jeff See 1.1%
Felix Kiboiywo 0.4%
Craig Miller 0.2%
Other 0.1%
Mark Matusak 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's Steeplechase?
Bridget Franek 85.2%
Emma Coburn 12.8%
Ashley Higginson 0.8%
Marie Lawrence 0.5%
Sarah Pease 0.4%
Silje Fjortoft 0.1%
Rebeka Stowe 0.1%
Ruth Senior 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's Steeplechase?
Hillary Bor 33.6%
Donn Cabral 28.6%
Matt Hughes 28.4%
Barnabus Kirui 3.6%
Richard Nelson 2.2%
Joonas Harjamaki 1.5%
Stephen Finley 1.2%
Steve Sodaro 0.4%
Other 0.2%
De'Sean Turner 0.1%
John Martinez 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's 5000m?
Lisa Koll 57.4%
Angela Bizzarri 42.1%
Nicole Blood 0.4%
Brianna Felnagle 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's 5000m?
David McNeill 46.6%
Samuel Chelanga 42.8%
Chris Derrick 6.8%
Brandon Bethke 2.4%
Elliot Heath 0.8%
Andrew Bumbalough 0.2%
Ben Cheruiyot 0.2%
Samuel Kosgei 0.1%
Who will win the
Women's 10,000m?
Lisa Koll 98.6%
Nicole Blood 0.9%
Andrea Walkonnen 0.2%
Clara Grandt 0.1%
Betsy Saina 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's 10,000m?
Sam Chelanga 99.6%
Chris Barnicle 0.2%
John Kosgei 0.1%
Team Title
Who will win the
Women's Team Title?
Oregon 49.6%
Texas A&M 46.1%
Florida 2.2%
LSU 1.2%
Florida State 0.7%
Arkansas 0.1%
Who will win the
Men's Team Title?
Florida 39.6%
Oregon 32.6%
Texas A&M 26.3%
LSU 0.7%
Florida State 0.5%
Arizona State 0.4%



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