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March 11, 2010

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Here's what we're thinking about the day before the NCAA indoor meet starts:

Tennessee Mid-Distance
Lady Vols Senior Phoebe Wright and sophomore Chanelle Price sit 1-2 in terms of time in the 800m. Wright has the 11th-best time in the world. Last year before heading to Europe she placed #3 in the US at the senior championships. Price had a great year last year as a relay runner but hasn't done too much at the NCAAs as an individual after dominating in high school.

Wright and Price will go for individual success and relay success in the women's DMR. Last year with now-graduated Sarah Bowman, Wright and Price were unstoppable in relay tandem. They set a world record indoors and set all sorts of records in winning the 4x800, DMR, 4x1500m triple at Penn. (Read our 2009 Women's Day 1 NCAA Indoors recap here)

800m Predictions
1. Wright
2. Lacey Cramer (BYU)
3. Chanelle Price
4. LaTavia Thomas (LSU)

Event 20  Women 800 Meter Run Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Phoebe Wright                 SR Tennessee           2:01.47D
  2  Chanelle Price                SO Tennessee           2:03.12D
  3  LaTavia Thomas                SR LSU                 2:03.77D
  4  Shannon Leinert               SR Missouri            2:04.32D
  5  Molly Beckwith                SR Indiana             2:04.50D
  6  Sofie Persson                 SO Mississippi         2:04.64D
  7  Lea Wallace                   JR Sacramento S        2:04.73D
  8  Lacey Cramer                  SO BYU                 2:04.85D
  9  Christina Rodgers             JR Arizona             2:05.04D
 10  Stephanie Brown               FR Arkansas            2:05.08D
 11  Erica Moore                   SR Indiana Stat        2:05.20D
 12  Nachelle Stewart              SO BYU                 2:05.27D
 13  Renisha Robinson              JR Sacramento S        2:05.38D
 14  Cori Moore                    JR Portland            2:05.41D
 15  Jaime Watson                  SR Liberty             2:05.42D
 16  Angela Wagner                 SR BYU                 2:05.72D
 17  Zoe Buckman                   JR Oregon              2:05.72D

DMR - Too Close To Call
All 4 of these teams have run between 10:59 and 11:03 and have big names.

Oregon: Tough call on where to put their athletes. Should Jordan Hasay run the 1200 or the 1600? Senior leader Nicole Blood is signed up for 3000/5000, do they run her or add another girl? This event is critical for the Ducks as they could finish 1st or perhaps as low as 5th.

Georgetown: Emily Infeld is likely on the anchor and she's very good. She'll be fresh as she's only running the 3000m on Saturday.

Tennessee: Great mid-distance but do they have the mile closer they need? Wright has 2:01 fitness right now but they may need a 4:30 1600 to win this thing.

Villanova: Don't count them out as Nicole Schappert and Sheila Reid are very, very good. Remember this was the cross country team that absolutely dominated just a few months ago and likely anchor Reid was unbelievable at the middle distances at the Big East conference meet.

LRC Predictions:
1. Ducks
2. Wildcats
3. Lady Vols
4. Hoyas

Event 26  Women Distance Medley
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Oregon                                              10:59.64D
     1) Jordan Hasay FR                 2) Keshia Baker SR                
     3) Anne Kesselring FR              4) Nicole Blood SR                
  2  Villanova                                           11:02.83D
     1) Nicole Schappert SR             2) Christie Verdier SO            
     3) Ariann Neutts FR                4) Sheila Reid JR                 
  3  Tennessee                                           11:02.85D
     1) Phoebe Wright SR                2) Ellen Wortham SO               
     3) Brittany Sheffey SO             4) Chanelle Price SO              
  4  Georgetown                                          11:03.80D
     1) Renee Tomlin SR                 2) Abigail Johnson SR             
     3) Rachel Schneider FR             4) Emily Infeld SO                
  5  Boston College                                      11:05.69D
     1) Jillian King FR                 2) Anna Cioffredi SO              
     3) Caitlin Bailey SR               4) Caroline King JR               
  6  Arkansas                                            11:06.56D
     1) Samantha Learch SO              2) Shelise Williams JR            
     3) Regina George FR                4) Kristen Gillespie SO           
  7  Kansas                                              11:07.96D
     1) Rebeka Stowe SO                 2) Taylor Washington FR           
     3) Corinne Christenson SO          4) Lauren Bonds SR                
  8  West Virginia                                       11:09.28D
     1) Keri Bland JR                   2) April Rotilio SR               
     3) Kaylyn Christopher SO           4) Jessica O'Connell SO           
  9  Texas Tech                                          11:10.28D
     1) Purity Biwott JR                2) Trudeann Clarke SR             
     3) Gladys Kipsang SR               4) Caroline Karunde JR            
 10  BYU                                                 11:10.89D
     1) Angela Wagner SR                2) Natalie Stewart SO             
     3) Nachelle Stewart SO             4) Lacey Cramer SO                
 11  Indiana                                             11:11.02D
     1) Arianne Raby FR                 2) Jordan Gray SO                 
     3) Molly Beckwith SR               4) Chelsea Blanchard SO           
 12  Michigan                                            11:11.17D
     1) Jillian Smith FR                2) Shana Vinson SR                
     3) Rebecca Addison FR              4) Danielle Tauro JR                

3000m - Might Be Best Women's Event All Weekend
Iowa State's Lisa Koll will double back after the 5000 on Friday where she is the prohibitive favorite. But waiting for her in the 3000 will be multiple-time NCAA Champion for Illinois Angela Bizzarri. Bizzarri ran 9:10 to beat US Worlds Team member Bridget Franek (who, by the way, is doubling 3000/5000 and would probably run the DMR if Penn State had a DMR (by the way, how do the Lady Lions not have a DMR?)) at Big Tens.

Bizzarri, who we have to admit we'll probably be rooting for, is a throwback runner as she is just an awesome competitor when it matters. For example, she ran faster at Big Tens this year than she did at the oversized track at Notre Dame. If you're wondering about her speed, she won the Tyson Invite mile in 4:40 this year.

Also in the race will be Sheila Reid of Villanova, All-American Marie Lawrence of Washington, and perhaps Jordan Hasay and Nicole Blood, trying to get points in either their 2nd or 3rd events of the 2-day meet to score points for Oregon.

Sure, Koll has the best time in the field by 8 seconds, but we think this is going to set up to be a great race.

By the way, Did Bizzarri select the 3000 over the 5000 hoping to be fresh and catch some of the other runners (like Koll) after their first event? Or does she think the 3000 is just her better event? We know this is a question for her, not you, but we just thought we'd throw it out there. Bizzarri was 4th in the 3000 last year indoors.

LRC Predictions:
1. Reid
2. Bizzarri
3. Hasay
4. Koll

Event 22  Women 3000 Meter Run
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Lisa Koll                     SR Iowa State          8:56.09D
  2  Sheila Reid                   JR Villanova           9:04.85D
  3  Jackie Areson                 SR Tennessee           9:07.27D
  4  Bogdana Mimic                 FR Villanova           9:07.96D
  5  Marie Lawrence                JR Washington          9:08.74D
  6  Emily Infeld                  SO Georgetown          9:09.24D
  7  Angela Bizzarri               SR Illinois            9:10.16D
  8  Bridget Franek                SR Penn State          9:10.68D
  9  Janet Jesang                  SR Western Kent        9:11.09D
 10  Jordan Hasay                  FR Oregon              9:12.25D
 11  Nicole Blood                  SR Oregon              9:12.54D
 12  Nicole Schappert              SR Villanova           9:14.15D
 13  Beverly Ramos                 SR Kansas State        9:14.62D
 14  Alex Becker                   SR Tulsa               9:15.10D
 15  Jessica O'Connell             SO West Virgini        9:16.22D
 16  Alison Smith                  JR Villanova           9:16.62D
 17  Betzy Jimenez                 JR Texas               9:18.03D

Women's 5000 - Koll Has All The Pressure
We feel sorry for Lisa Koll as she will have all the pressure on her in the women's 5000m. Her seed time is 20 seconds faster than the next-fastest girl.

Koll is the 2008 NCAA 10,000m champion and has the NCAA 10,000m record at 32:11. She is unbelievable but has not won an indoor NCAA title. To get one this year we think she'll have a way better shot in the 5000 than in the 3000. In her first race (the 5000), she'll have to beat Franek of Penn State and Blood of Oregon. #3 and #4 seeds Jackie Areson (Tennessee) and Holly Van Dalen (Stony Brook) would be huge stories if they won.

1. Lisa Koll
2. Bridget Franek
3. Nicole Blood

Event 23  Women 5000 Meter Run
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Lisa Koll                     SR Iowa State         15:29.65D
  2  Nicole Blood                  SR Oregon             15:51.59D
  3  Jackie Areson                 SR Tennessee          15:53.54D
  4  Holly Van Dalen               SO Stony Brook        15:55.64D
  5  Bridget Franek                SR Penn State         15:56.76D
  6  Marie Louise Asselin          JR West Virgini       15:58.15D
  7  Felicity Milton               JR Oklahoma Sta       15:58.34D
  8  Deborah Maier                 SO California         15:58.49D
  9  Rebecca Lowe                  SO Florida            15:59.46D
 10  Mattie Bridgmon               SR Oregon             16:02.48D
 11  Kimberly Ruck                 SO Clemson            16:04.02D
 12  Clara Grandt                  SR West Virgini       16:04.24D
 13  Janet Jesang                  SR Western Kent       16:04.48D
 14  Amanda Goetschius             JR Charlotte          16:09.19D
 15  Alex Becker                   SR Tulsa              16:10.87D
 16  Megan Duwell                  SR Minnesota          16:12.96D
 17  Beverly Ramos                 SR Kansas State       16:17.44D

Women's Mile - Florida State's Pilar McShine is Top Returner (But the real story is Hasay)
With the top-3 from 2009's NCAA Indoors graduated (Sarah Bowman beat Sally Kipyego last year to deny Kipyego her record 10th NCAA title), Pilar McShine is the top returner and sits near the top of the 2010 charts. But the girl everyone will be watching will obviously be Jordan Hasay. Hasay is 3rd in terms of time but has run faster in relay splits. We can't get over how well Hasay has done this year for Oregon. Thumbs up to her and the Oregon people.

Women's Mile Predictions:
1. Hasay ftw!
2. McShine
3. Schappert
4. Browning

Event 21  Women 1 Mile Run Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Charlotte Browning            SR Florida             4:31.24D
  2  Katie Follett                 SR Washington          4:34.98D
  3  Jordan Hasay                  FR Oregon              4:35.01D
  4  Nicole Schappert              SR Villanova           4:35.97D
  5  Pilar McShine                 SR Florida Stat        4:35.99D
  6  Mihaela Susa                  JR Oklahoma Sta        4:36.38D
  7  Keri Bland                    JR West Virgini        4:37.17D
  8  Anne Kesselring               FR Oregon              4:37.94D
  9  Sharla Manuele                SR Southern Uta        4:39.82D
 10  Heidi Gregson                 SO Iona                4:40.08D
 11  Ashley Miller                 JR Nebraska            4:40.50D
 12  Kaylyn Christopher            SO West Virgini        4:40.78D
 13  Caroline Karunde              JR Texas Tech          4:40.82D
 14  Amanda Winslow                FR Florida Stat        4:41.08D
 15  Dina Nosenko                  SO Wake Forest         4:41.10D
 16  Purity Biwott                 JR Texas Tech          4:41.31D
 17  Kristie Krueger               SO Georgia             4:41.64D

Oregon's Gonna Win This Thing
Oregon has legitimate potential scoring entrants in the 60, 200, 400, 4x4, DMR, mile, 3000, 5000, long jump, pentathlon and we apologize if we missed anyone. Nobody can build a team (and then go to the meet and win it) like Vin Lananna so we're going with the Ducks to win their first indoor women's title (9th is their best-ever finish) on the backs of a number of veterans and little Jordan Hasay.


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