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Our favorite high school meet of the year, the Footlocker Cross Country Championships, is now in its fourth decade and is this Saturday. Footlocker's are beautiful in their simplicity and there is no better way to celebrate them than with a LetsRun.com Predicition Contest.

*1st prize is a $100 gift certificate to the online leader in track and field shoes Eastbay (which is owned by Footlocker)..

$20,100 Perfect Ballot: We're so kind if you pick the first 10 in the boys' race and first 10 in the girls' race perfectly correctly, we'll give you $20,100 for a perfect ballot. The most we'll award is 1 prize. So if there is multiple winners you will split the $20,100.

$2010 Perfect Ballot: We're even so generous if you pick the first 10 boys or the first 10 girls perfectly correctly we'll give you $2010. The most we'll award is 10 of these prizes. So if more than 10 people do this they'll split the $20,10.

Actually before we get into the contest, let us first state the contest is void in all states, places, and what not where it is illegal and if you are too young to play, don't play. We'll do our best to run the contest, but are not liable for malfunctions, errors, server failure, database failure, or omissions. One entry per person and no mechanical entries. Now onto the contest. The contest is not in any way shape or form endorsed or associated with Footlocker, Inc. One entry per person.

The Individual Prediction Contest Scoring
The contest is pretty simple and is designed to reward you for picking the top 5 individuals correctly in the exact order. You give us your top 10 in the boys and girls races. For each of your picks in that finishes in the top 5, regardless of where you have them picked, you will receive 50 points. For each of your picks, regardless of were you have them picked, that finishes in the top 10, you will receive 25 points. Thus if all of your top 10 picks finish in the top 10 but the wrong order you would receive 5 x 50 + 5 x 25 which is 375 points before we subtract points for not picking them in the correct position exactly.

Now, we will penalize you for not being accurate in your picks. You will only lose three points for each spot that one of your picks is off.

But the key to the contest is the bonus points you get for picking the top 5 dead on. The bonus is as follows:

1st place correct: 200 point bonus (250 total points as you'll get 50 for being in top 5 as well)
1-2 in order correctly: 300 point bonus (400 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's a 100 extra for nailing 2nd right)
1-3 in order correctly: 375 point bonus (525 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's 75 extra for nailing 3rd)
1-4 in order correctly: 425 point bonus (625 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's 50 extra for nailing 4th)
1-5 in order correctly: 450 point bonus (700 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's 25 extra for nailing 5th)

Individual Tie Breaker (tie breakers will only be used to determine the winner of the contest): The first tie-breaker is who picked the order of finish correctly the farthest on either the boys' or girls' side. So if you picked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th correctly while the person you tied for 1st with only picked 1st and 2nd correctly you would win. If you both picked say 1-4 correctly on either the men's or women's side, then we'll see who did better with the other sex.

The second tie-breaker is how many runners that you had being anywhere in your top 10 actually finished in the top 10 in both races. So if you have 6 runners who actually finished in the top 10 on your list and the person you tied with only had 5 you will win.

And the third tiebreaker is a draw from a hat.

Get Started: Login and Vote
The polls are pretty simple. All you need is a letsrun.com login (if you have participated in a contest in the past you already have one or if you have registered a name on our message boards you have one as well) to vote. If not just click here and you can sign up for a login name.

On the next two pages you will vote for your men's and women's top 10 finishers at the Footlocker Champs. You can vote for just the men's top 10 or just the women's top 10 if you don't want to do both sexes. You can come back and login again and change your votes.

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