World Cross Country Championships Mombasa, Kenya

March 24, 2007
We've done things a bit differently since this event was truly incredible and we're trying to get photos up on a dial up connection without normal software. The #1 story of the day was the crowd and the atmosphere. Truly unbelievable. Never seen anything like it and never will again. And words don't do the crowd justice. We've got photos of the crowd first. The #2 story of the day was Kenenise Bekele dropping out and closely related to this was the heat. We've got the photos of him dropping out and the heat 2nd. Then some more shots of people at the event to try and capture the feel for this remarkable event. Finally, we've got the race photos without captions. The women's race starts on photo index page 4. Men's race on photo page index 6. Junior races on page 8 (most of the junior photos are pretty bad as Wejo didn't realize his camera got splashed with water on the very first lap).

Hope you enjoy them.
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P1010428.JPG P1010429.JPG P1010430.JPG
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P1010445.JPG P1010446.JPG P1010447.JPG
P1010448.JPG P1010449.JPG P1010451.JPG
P1010452.JPG P1010453.JPG P1010454.JPG
P1010455.JPG P1010456.JPG P1010457.JPG
P1010459.JPG P1010461.JPG P1010465.JPG
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