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2004 Women's Olympic Marathon Trials Photos
Photos by photorun.net
Photos of the top runners then most of the runners in alphabetical order.
Start-US W-Trials04.JPG
Start of 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials
Russell_Blake-US W-Trials04.JPG
Blake Russell Immediately Opened a Lead
Russell_Blake2-US W-Tr#D0BB.JPG
Blake Russell Opened Up a Minute Lead at Halfway
Russell_Blake-Gu-US W-#D0B9.JPG
Blake Russell
DeReuck-Rhines-US W-Tr#D0C6.JPG
Colleen De Reuck and Jen Rhines Hung Back Early On
Russell-Drossin-US W-T#D0BC.JPG
Deena Drossin Catching Russell
Drossin-Russell-US W-T#D0B3.JPG
Deena Drossin Would Pass Russell and Take the Lead
Drossin_Deena-US W-Trials04.JPG
Deena Had 8 minutes on the Field Coming In
DeRueck-Drossin-US W-T#D0AE.JPG
But Colleen De Reuck Would go by a Fading Drossin
DeReuck_Colleen-US W-T#D0AD.JPG
De Reuck on the Way to the Win
De Reuck with the Win
DeReuck_Colleen-FV-US #D0AA.JPG
More DeReuck
Rhines_Jen2-US W-Trials04.JPG
Jen Rhines Would Move Up for the Final Olympic Spot
DeReuck_Colleen-P-US W#D0AC.JPG
Post Race De Reuck
DeReuck_Colleen-F-US W#D0C0.JPG
De Reuck Celebrating
DeReucks Kiss-US W-Trials04.JPG
De Reuck Kissing Her Husband and Coach
Drossin_Deena-A-US W-T#D0AF.JPG
Jen Rhines Happy
Drossin_Deena-P-US W-T#D0B0.JPG
Deena Still Qualified
Rhines_Jen-F-US W-Trials04.JPG
Rhiens With Flag
Rhines_Jen-FV-US W-Trials04.JPG
Rhines De Reuck with Flag
Steinfeld-Drossin-US W#D0C7.JPG
Deena Drossin and NYC Marathon Director Alan Steinfeld
Top 3-US W-Trials04.JPG
Your 2004 Women's Olympic Team
Top3-2-US W-Trials04.JPG
Top 3
Mary Akor
Donna Anderson
Margaret Angell
Beck_Suzanna-US W-Trials04.JPG
Suzanne Beck
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