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Editor's Note:  In case you missed the opening episode or Episode II, 5 of the most desirable men in America were selected in an arduous process to partake in Survivor Flagstaff.  The concept of Survivor Flagstaff is quite simple, 5 guys crammed into a one bedroom apartment, living the oh so glamorous lives of professional runners, until one by one they are voted off the mountain until there is the ultimate Survivor. The show has been on hiatus, but is now back by popular demand thanks to emails received yesterday after an interview with one of the participants WEJO appeared on mensracing.com.

After realizing in Episode II, what uneventful lives the Survivor Flagstaff participants lived, the producers decided to send a female to the apartment to see what would happen.

A search was conducted across the globe to find the female protagonist.  The producers of the show had a very difficult decision to make in finding someone who would fit in perfectly with the participants. In the end they found the perfect combination, in an attractive, carefree female runner from England (with good teeth) who is a wannabe an American.  Thus she would be able to interact with both the English and American runners who are participants of Survivor Flagstaff.  Fortunately, the Argentinean born member of Survivor Flagstaff had been already voted off the island so he could watch his team be eliminated form the first round of the world cup.

The female visitor, aka The Temptress, was sent to Flagstaff on the ruse of pretending to be in town visiting the Grand Canyon, a mere 90 miles away. In reality, she was there to try and drive up tv ratings for Survivor Flagstaff.

She and the remaining survivors were sent on a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  On the trip to the Canyon, the producers tried to spike up ratings by placing an animal in the tracks of the Survivor participants.  The animal was only a harmless coyote, but that didn't stop the Survivor participants from freaking out thinking it was a wolf.  Nonetheless, the stunt was a let down to viewers.

And the entire trip of the Temptress to the Canyon was a big letdown for the producers and viewers of the show as well because of what happened- nothing.

"Those guys must all be gay.  Not that I was in the least way attracted to any of them, but the producers paid me a lot of money to go on the show and flirt with them to spice things up.  The guys on the show could have cared less. They sat on their computers and watched sports on t.v.  Sure they run a lot of miles, but that's no excuse. I got paid a lot but have never been as bored in my life. And you should hear the conversation in that place.  Well at least I got to see the Grand Canyon."

The Temptress in Paul's Bed
(her identity obscured to keep her endorsement contracts)

This had better drive up the ratings because
no amount of money is worth being in this place

Paul, the philosopher, however saw things differently. "All I know is that she slept in my bed. Sure I volunteered to sleep on the floor and gave her my bed, but she didn't have to pick my bed."

The other remaining Survivors agreed with Paul's logic because they know how wise he is due to his advanced age, being the oldest member of the tribe.

At the end of Episode III, the only participant to leave the mountain was the Temptress herself. "I couldn't wait to get off the mountain.  I feel sorry for whoever the ultimate survivor is," she said when reached for comment. 4 Survivors (photos below) remain to be voted off the mountain.

The future of Survivor Flagstaff is rumored to be in jeopardy.  Episode III gathered record ratings due to the Temptress to the Canyon, but was a big letdown to the viewers, and the show may be on the chopping block if future episodes do not produce more drama.