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LRC Quote of the  Year Voting

As we wrap up to 2010, it's time to look back on the great year of 2010 in the track and field and running world. We thought of no better way to do that than to determine the quote of the year on LetsRun.com.

Voting is pretty simple.

Below you'll see 10 random Quotes of the Day from a month (January (if this is your first time on this page). Pick your favorite one and vote, and you'll go on to the next month (February, then March, etc).

You can come back at any time and resume voting where you left off. There is no need to login and you can even vote a second time when you're done (since you only see 10 quotes at a time, we felt it is ok to let people vote multiple timea). Once you get to December it starts over again with January.

So start voting below! We'll finalize things down to quotes of the month and then pick our quote of the year.

Thanks for making 2010 a record year at LetsRun.com. We continue to grow thanks to our loyal visitors!

(If you'd like to see our homepage from a particular day for LetsRun.com click on the date below).

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