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The LetsRun.com USA Boulder Cross Country Prediction Contest
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Our world famous prediction contest is back. This time we're off to beautiful Boulder, Colorado, where America's finest distance runners, with the return of the single race at the national champs, will determine for the first time in 9 years, who is the best cross country runner in America. Our contest is pretty simple, you give us your top 10 picks for the men's and women's races at nationals. We see how they do and score them and determine the winners.

The conest is actually two contests as the men's and women's contests are scored separately.

And since Reebok and LetsRun.com have teamed up to host the post-race party afterwards, we at LetsRun.com figured we should give some great Reebok gear as the prizes. So the winner of the women's and men's contest gets a Reebok Gift pack (pair of Reebok shoes, a technical running top, and who knows what else).


The contest is quite simple.

Actually before we get into the contest, let us first state the  LetsRun.com prediction contest is void in all states, towns and what not where it is illegal and if you are too young to play, don't play. Read up on your local laws as we don't have a lawyer to pay for the legal language. One entry per person. Now onto the contest.

Your goal is to pick the top 10 individuals in order of finish correctly. The contest heavily rewards you for picking the top 5 individuals in the exact order and penalizes you for incorrect picks in your top 10.

The Individual Prediction Contest
You will pick the top 10 individuals (don't worry we give you a list of 20-30 to choose from) in the men's and women's races. For each of your picks in the top 5, that finishes anywhere in the top 5, you will receive 50 points. If they finish 6th through 10 you will receive 25 points. For each of your picks in spots 6-10, that finishes in the top 10, you will receive 25 points. So you pick someone 4th, and they finish 7th you get 25 points. If you pick someone 7th and they finish 4th you also get 25 points (not 50).

Now, we will penalize you for not being accurate in your picks. You will lose two points for each spot that one of your top 5 picks is off. You will lose one point for each spot that one of your picks 6-10 is off. Additionally, the most points you can lose on any one pick is limited to 30. So if someone drops out or runs horribly, your losses will be capped at 30 points on them. Miss a few picks by a lot in the individual scoring contest and you are looking at having negative points pretty quickly. For example, if you pick someone 1st and they finish 8th, you get the 25 bonus points above for them being in the top 10, but you then lose 14 points (7*2=14) so you get only 11 points for the pick.

But the key to the contest is the bonus points you get for picking the top 5 dead on. The bonus is as follows:

1st place correct: 200 point bonus (250 total points as you'll get 50 for being in top 5 as well)
1-2 in order correctly: 300 point bonus (400 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's a 100 extra for nailing 2nd right)
1-3 in order correctly: 375 point bonus (525 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's 75 extra for nailing 3rd)
1-4 in order correctly: 425 point bonus (625 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's 50 extra for nailing 4th)
1-5 in order correctly: 450 point bonus (700 total points as you'll get 50 for each in the top 5 as well, thus it's 25 extra for nailing 5th)

We will not let you pick from all the individuals in the race. If the person you want to select is not on our list you can select "Other" to pick them.

Individual Tie Breaker (The men's and women's contest are scored separately. Tie breakers will only be used to determine the winner of the contest): The first tie-breaker is who picked the order of finish correctly the farthest on either the men's or women's side. So if you picked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th correctly while the person you tied for 1st with only picked 1st and 2nd correctly you would win.

The second tie-breaker is how many runners that you had being anywhere in your top 10 actually finished in the top 10. So if you have 8 runners who actually finished in the top 10 on your list and the person you tied with only had 7 you will win.

And the third tiebreaker is a draw from a hat.

$100,000 Perfect Ballot: It ain't going to happen, but if you pick the first 10 in the men' race AND the first 10 in the women's race perfectly correctly, LetsRun.com give you $10,000 a year for 10 years. It may bankrupt us, but our word is good. Only 1 winner of the $100,000. If lightening strikes twice, we'll draw the winner from a hat.

Get Started: Login and Vote
The polls are pretty simple. All you need is a letsrun.com login (if you have participated in a contest in the past you already have one or if you have registered a name on our message boards you have one as well) to vote. If not just click here and you can sign up for a login name.

On the next two pages you will vote for your men's and women's top 10 finishers at the USA XC Champs. You can vote for just the men's top 10 or just the women's top 10 if you don't want to do both sexes. You can come back and login again and change your votes.

Click here if you do not have a login

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