2024 Olympics

2024 Olympics

January 09, 2023

2024 Olympic Track & Field Schedule Is Out: What Doubles (And Triples) Are Possible?

Sydney McLaughlin-LevroneAthing Mu, and Jakob Ingebrigtsen could all be interested in doubling up in Paris. We run the numbers to see how feasible each double/triple is. We've got good news - almost any double/triple you want to see is very doable. *MB: Great news: Paris 2024 track and field schedule is out & almost every double/triple you'd want is doable. Will Jakob triple?
December 20, 2022

World Athletics Announces Toughest-Ever Standards for 2024 Olympics

The standards are the hardest ever for a major championship. It will take 2:08:10 or 2:26:50 to qualify automatically in the marathon.