It's Time For Craig Reedie To Resign

The 2016 Olympics Have Opened. Do You Want The 2020 Games To Be Clean(er)?

Are you tired of 30+ years of excuses for doping in sport? We are. Nothing can be done about human nature but as fans of the sport we can at least insist that WADA - the World Anti-Doping Agency - be led by a person who is passionate about trying to clean up the sport rather than by one who hopes “no more damage will be done” and doesn't even bother to ask for status updates of the biggest doping investigation in the history of sport.

Please sign the petition below asking for the resignation of WADA head Craig Reedie below and spread the word: #ReedieResign .

Take a stand for clean sport. Nearly 1,000 fellow fans have already signed including pros Katie Mackey, Kara Goucher, Jemma Simpson, Nate Jenkins, Scott Bauhs, Tyler Mulder and Sage Canaday.