Better Late Than Never

sir-mo-farahLRC IAAF DQs Mo Farah From 2017 Worlds 10,000 Nearly 8 months after the 10,000 finished, Farah has been DQed for stepping inside the rail the rail on the next to last turn. Seb Coe heralded the DQ of Farah, saying it showed how track is becoming “innovative, braver, and more creative” and catering to a new generation of fans who were raised with instant replay. The IAAF announced 10 more DQs from World Indoors as well.

Mary Cain Is BAAAAACK!!!!!

cain_mary_boston_mayors_cup_2015_lotsbomLRC Mary Cain To Race 1,500 April 8th The young star will return to racing 500 days since her final race. vehemently denies paying Cain to return to the oval.

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LRC Russian Hackers Targeted And Bo Waggoner’s NCAA XC At-Large Algorithm “We are trying to create chaos in America. Having them lose faith in their election process is chump change to having them lose faith in their most cherished sporting championships like the NCAA cross-country championships,” read an intercepted email from Russia which resulted in two teams being predicted incorrectly.

LRC Details Of What “More Extreme, Edgier” Cross-Country Races Will Look Like Is Starting To Emerge Thanks To A Discovery By An Anonymous Source (link fixed) A special piece by guest columnist David Greenberg.

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Three New Services To Improve Your Life

The Real Reason Nate Brannen Retired
Nick Willis, Ron Warhurst And Nate Brannen Launch Runners’ Wedding Service (link fixed) The former Michigan trio will come to your wedding or rehearsal dinner for a fee. They’ve got the market cornered for now but are very worried the Centrowitzes might invade the space.

Screenshot 2018-03-29 at 10.02.04LRC LetsRun Launches New Training Site Since running to and from school isn’t possible for Americans, the only way to have your child compete with the Kenyans is to start training even earlier. Director of Coaching Development Steve Soprano has had amazing results with his son, and has even passed up prize money for his son to keep his amateur status.

IMG_20180308_155626469_BURST000_COVER_TOPLRC Gets Into Triathlon Market With Move over ultra-runners, triathletes are now higher in the running hierarchy thanks to Gwen Jorgensen.

Truth Is Often Stranger Than Fiction – 2018

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – April 2014