The Running Shoe Buying Process Sucks: Five Minutes to a Better Running Shoe

Update: 12/01/2015 We need 1,000 new reviews on the shoes you’ve been running in this summer and fall so we can help put you in a better pair of running shoes. Our Beta Better Running Shoe Site is here with 3,900+ shoe reviews tied to the type of runner doing the review.

Do you want to find a better running shoe?

The current shoe discovery process is broken and we need roughly 5 minutes of your time to come up with a better way to better running shoes.

To get started, just give us information about your current running shoe and what type of runner you are. That takes as little as 3 minutes. Then, please consider reviewing the previous pair of shoes you ran in. Thank you for your help! If you have comments or thoughts about this form we’d love your feedback here or email Weldon directly


The Running Shoe survey is currently closed.