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2013 Running Photos of the Year Contest
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Photo from Itai
Arguably the three greatest of all time. How does it get better than this? Mo Farah, Kenenisa Bekele and Haile Gebrselassie at Great North Run
Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Archive licensed by Submitted by Ryan and BKrunner92
2013 South Carolina AAAA State Cross Country Champions via Old School Coach
Taken two weeks after Trish Cunningham, assistant coach of Annapolis High School in Maryland, was killed in a cycling accident. In the foreground blue is Trish's older daughter, Morgan, who ran for for Annapolis and graduated. Leading the pack is Trish's younger daughter, Avery, in her first high school race. And, on the green band, is Trish. The team wore those bands in every race through October to remember Trish. via Erik (LRC web guy)
Alan Webb via txRUNNERgirl
Jessica Faulkner 7666
Nikki Wicks from SPIKES is inspired by Rudisha's quote in the media race via Jon Mulkeen
Molly and son. "Someday I'll be able to tell my son or daughter he or she took part in a 24 hour treadmill run. The guys next to us were running on their treadmills for 24 hours. The event raised just over $20,000 for the northeast regional food bank."
Photo from Itai
via bulldog13
via Emily
via bulldog13
Lelisa Desisa winning the 2013 Boston Marathon. This is taken right from the area of the first bomb. Good thing I got out of there in time - Jamison
No description needed from Boston 2013 via Gary Ford.
txRUNNERgirl and nikeman at Boston Marathon Finish
taken on a run by goodatthis
Adirondack Mtns in NY by goodatthis
Photo from Itai
via goodatthis
Trail Running in Utah via Lewruns
Trail running in Hong Kong via Lewruns
via bulldog13
Proof LRCers are Truly Rocket Scientists. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center track team at a road race in December. Our top master James Cooper (tall guy in the blue uniform in the back right of the picture) was in the running for top distance runner in his age group in Annapolis, MD. He had to win his age group in this race to pull it off, so a couple of us younger guys showed up to help him out. James won and the team got stronger. We are making our dreams a reality. If you want to be a rocket scientist and be on a track team - come work and run with us!
nikeman drafting off a 12 year old which got a huge thread on via txRUNNERgirl
Peter Z and Geoffrey Mutai at Ottawa 10k
Great friends to Watch Rudisha's Diamond League NYC 800m Victory With (LRCer VaCoach with 1988 Olympic 1500m Champ Peter Rono and Coach Colm O'Connell)
Pat Tyson, Bill Dellinger, Dave (nikeman) and txRUNNERGirl @ Ron Tabb's bar.
LRC's Rojo, Yohan Blake and Wejo at Worlds in Moscow - This is our photo that made us ask for your favorite photo
Who Wouldn't Want to Be Coached by Ryan Poley?
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