EIGHT University of Washington Runners Go Sub 4 in the Same Mile with Joe Waskom Running 3:51

by LetsRun.com
January 27, 2023

What a way to cap a historic night of track and field.

(Woody Kincaid (12:51) & Yared Nuguse (7:28) Break American Records on Historic Night in Boston)

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Eight University of Washington runners went sub-four in the mile in one race at the UW Invitational on Friday night. The Huskies were led by reigning NCAA champion in the 1500, Joe Waskom, who kicked by Brian Fay to get the win in 3:51.90, the 3rd-fastest NCAA time according to the University of Washington. Fay was second in 3:52.03, the 5th-fastest time ever by a collegian, and Nathan Green in 3rd (3:52.76) was the 7th-fastest.

Five Huskies went sub 3:54, including former Princeton runner Sam Ellis, who was competing unattached but is now a UW student and has outdoor eligibility. That’s a very fast starting five.

Watch the video of the finish below.

The goal was to run fast on Friday night with pros Sam Prakel and Johnny Gregorek serving as rabbits and the Huskies delivered.

This came just hours after two American records were broken across the country in Boston with Yared Nuguse getting the 3000m record and Woody Kincaid the 5000m record.


  1. Joe Waskom, Washington, 3:51.90, PR, Yr: SO
  2. Brian Fay, Washington, 3:52.03, PR, Yr: SR
  3. Nathan Green, Washington, 3:52.76, PR, Yr: FR
  4. Kieran Lumb, Washington, 3:53.83, PR, Yr: SR
  5. Sam Ellis, Unattached, 3:53.84 (has outdoor eligibility)
  6. Luke Houser, Washington, 3:55.98, PR, Yr: JR
  7. Aaron Ahl, Washington, 3:57.94, PR, Yr: SR
  8. Aidan Ryan, Washington, 3:59.55, Yr: SR
    DNF. Sam Prakel, Adidas
    DNF. Johnny Gregorek, Asics

Discussion: UW Mens mile – Waskom 3:51.90 as 5 UW guys run 3:53 or faster and 8 break 4:00!!

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