2022 Ed Murphey Classic Results – Final American Track League Meet Results

By LetsRun.com
July 30, 2022

The final American Track League meet of the year – the 2022 Ed Murphey Classic – concluded today in Memphia, Tennessee. It aired on ESPN2 from 11:30 to 1:30 pm ET

Results for the pro-mid and distance events are pasted below. Results for the rest of the meet can be found here: 2022 Ed Murphey Classic Results.

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MB: Ed Murphey Classic / ATLeague Official Thread – Jager, Nuguse, Gregorek / Hurta, Norris 1500- ESPN2 11:30am-1:30pm Sat


Women’s 3000 Results
1 Henes, Elly Adidas 08:48.06 (64.93 last lap)
2 Borelli, Florencia Argentina 08:53.89
3 Ejore, Susan UA Mission Run 08:55.25
4 Casetta, Belen Argentina 08:55.96
5 Rainsberger, Katie New Balance Athletics Inc. 08:56.65
6 Yee, Regan Langley Mustangs Track & Field Club 08:58.31
Coogan, Katrina New Balance Athletics Inc. DNF
Edwards, Kaela Adidas DNF

Men’s 3000 Results
1 McDonald, Morgan On Athletics Club 07:49.26
2 Philibert-Thiboutot, Charles New Balance Athletics Inc. 07:49.86
3 Kemboi, Amon Kenya 07:51.13
4 Basten, Alec USA 07:52.87
5 Fink, Willy USA 07:53.88
6 Kioko, Athanas Kenya 08:00.02
7 Dalquist, Austen Roots Running Project 08:02.27
8 Boit, Gilbert Kenya 08:04.37
9 Lautenslager, Craig USA 08:07.67
10 Crawford, Graham Reebok Boston Track Club 08:12.72

Women’s 1500

A huge win and PB for Sage Hurta. Her pb before this was 4:01. I was thinking all along if she had any hope of making the US team this year it was in the 1500, not the 800 as good luck beating the big 3 . Of course, if she did make the team, the odds of doing real damage were probably better in the 800.

PL Athlete Team Time
1 Hurta, Sage On Athletics Club 04:01.79 – 48.42 – 1:06.38 = 1:05.66 -1:01.34
2 Pen Freitas, Marta Brooks Beasts Track Club 04:03.79
3 Wilson, Allie Atlanta Track Club 04:04.02
4 Norris, Josette Reebok Boston Track Club 04:05.34
5 Viljoen, Carina ASICS Mammoth Track Club 04:08.36
6 Jennings, Gabbi Adidas 04:08.63
7 Sughroue, Molly Tracksmith 04:09.83
8 Aragon, Christina USA 04:10.30
9 Lucki, Alexandra Toronto West Athletics 04:13.83
10 Follett, Katie Brooks Running 04:21.77
Mehra, Rebecca Oiselle Running and Athletic Apparel for Women DNF
Schlachtenhaufen, Helen USA DNF

Men’s 1500
I’m glad to see Nuguse continuing to race and see him dominate. Why not burn it hot for the rest of the season? It’s not like khe’s got an xc season to get ready for. Same thing for Jager. The Jager of old wouldn’t have been 9th in this race.

PL Athlete Yr. Team Time
1 Nuguse, Yared On Athletics Club 03:34.95
2 Holt, Eric Empire Elite TC 03:35.80
3 Gregorek, Johnny ASICS sportswear 03:36.11
4 Prakel, Samuel Adidas 03:36.17
5 McGorty, Sean Nike Bowerman Track Club 03:36.67
6 Heppenstall, Robert Canada 03:36.78
7 Anstey, Jack Under Armour 03:37.44
8 Meyer, Brett Tracksmith 03:37.65
9 Jager, Evan USA 03:37.77
10 Knevelbaard, Kasey Under Armour 03:38.78
11 Alexander, Colby Adidas 03:42.62
12 Suliman, Waleed Brooks Beasts Track Club 03:43.82
13 Reyes, Tayron Leonia Track Club 03:46.95
14 Riech, Nathanial Vic City Elite 03:49.84
15 Ciattei, Vincent Nike Oregon Track Club 03:50.16
16 Gomez, Joel USA 03:54.65
17 Brannigan, Michael New York Athletic Club 03:58.03
18 Long, Thomas Leonia Track Club 04:00.01

Women’s 800
Nia Akins
who started the year with a 2:00.24 pb ran 1:58 for the second time this year (she went out in the semis at USAs) as she lowered her pb from 1:58.82 to 1:58.78.

1 Akins, Nia Brooks Beasts Track Club 01:58.78
2 Baker, Olivia Atlanta Track Club 01:59.44
3 Maclean, Heather New Balance Athletics Inc. 01:59.80
4 Detra, Brenna USA 02:00.11
5 Richards, Emily Tracksmith 02:00.20
6 Barton, Laurie Brooks Beasts Track Club 02:00.94
7 Watson, Sammy USA 02:00.99
8 Green, Hanna Nike Oregon Track Club 02:02.64
Townsend, Addy New Balance Athletics Inc. DNF
Lipsey, Charlene USA DNF

Men’s 800:

25-year old Jonah Koech, who ran a PB at Worlds but had it wiped out due to a DQ for contact, broke 1:45 for the second time offiically in this one. It’s the third straight time he’s lined up at 800 that he’s run 1:44 so he’s in great form.

1 Koech, Jonah Army 1:44.95
2 Lagat, Festus District Track Club 1:45.17
3 Jewett, Isaiah Nike Inc. 1:46.15
4 Kidder, Brannon Brooks Beasts Track Club 1:46.41
5 Crisp, Vincent UA Mission Run 1:46.53
6 Ibadin, Edose Nigeria 1:46.54
7 Streich, Shane Atlanta Track Club 1:47.25
8 Harris, Isaiah Brooks Beasts Track Club 1:47.80
9 Harrison, Christian Adidas / Golden Coast Track Club 1:47.86
10 Downs, Robert Diadora 1:59.41

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