Meet the Winners of the $200,021 Running Warehouse Tokyo Prediction Contest

August 17, 2021

The drug tests have come back negative and it’s time to announce the medallists of the $200,021 Running Warehouse Tokyo Track and Field prediction contest.

One of our favorite things about is finding out the interesting people who win our contests and make up our community.

Our Overall Winner Wishes to Stay Anonymous….

All of our top 3 win the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 (Saucony’s “super shoe”)

In what we believe is a first, our overall winner wishes to stay anonymous. Since anonymity is a part of our forums we are granting the wish. The winner’s screen name is L.O.A. which stands for “Little Old (you guess the A)”.

L.O.A. hails from the Bay Area and when we asked him how he came out on top he wrote back, “How did I win the Contest? Everyone else was worse than I was. :-)..”

That was the case because L.O.A picked 18 event winners perfectly.

The entire top 3 in our contest win a pair of Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 shoes (Saucony’s super shoe) via Running Warehouse, a Supporters Club membership, and a free t shirt.

19 Year-Old Die Hard Track Fan from the UK Who Trained at Same Track as Olympic 9th Placer Jake Heyward is Runner-Up

Our runner-up was 19 year-old Liam Griffiths from South Wales in the UK. Liam did well in our contest because he is a true track and field junkie*. He said he’s watched 99% of the Diamond League meets the last 6 years.  In addition he used to train every Monday on the same track at the same time as Olympic 1500m 9th placer Jake Heyward. That first hand knowledge helped Liam reach the podium.

Liam is a math and physics student (we’ve had rocket scientists win past contests) and a lover of “I know is widely known for it’s message boards, but I visit the site for the distance running articles, which are the best I’ve found anywhere on the internet. So I’d love the free supporter’s club membership. Thanks for running a great website.”

Congrats Liam.

Third Placer is American Living in Singapore Who Lost 33 Lbs and Fell in Love with Track and Field Partially Because of
Joseph Miller got third in the contest, but he had an unfair advantage. He’s lived in Singapore the last 6 years for work (he’s an American) where it is super hot like in Tokyo. So Joseph picked people who would do well in the heat. He said his strategy was:
  1. Choose the best kicker as the pace will be slow due to humidity (but Katir surprisingly failed)
  2. I pride myself in choosing Korir in the wide-open 800m! He was 2nd in Monaco and I knew Amos will fail at championships again, so I picked Korir.
How Joseph became a track super fan is a pretty cool story. He writes, “I am not a good runner by any means. I was overweight and was looking for running tips and happened to find your website. I have lost around 33 lbs since and will credit some success to your amazing website! I also fell in love with track and field after visiting your website as well and it is the only sport that I follow religiously.”
Cool story. Since Joseph lives overseas he said we could donate his prizes to charity. Liam said we could give them to the next highest finisher if we couldn’t ship them to him. Don’t worry guys, we’ve got your backs. Prizes on the way.
Congrats LOA, Liam and Joseph.
Thanks to Running Warehouse for Sponsoring.
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If you played in the contest and want to check you scores do so here. If you want to see the winner’s picks click here. 
*Liam showed he’s a true track junkie by emailing us about Isaiah Jewett’s fall in the men’s 800 semis with Nijel Amos. Liam said the BBC showed a reverse angle that showed Jewett clipping his own leg and going down taking out Amos’ behind him which is at 1:29 of this clip.

We agree that does happen but one stride before that Amos clips Jewett’s right heel on the backswing which we believed caused Jewett to clip his own legs on the next stride.