Meet the Poster Who Does Not Have a Super Hot Wife, A Sub-14 5k PR, or a Million-Dollar Job

January 5, 2021

We love our prediction contests on not only because they make watching track and field a little more entertaining, but also because we learn about the interesting people who make up the community.

We did an impromptu The Marathon Project prediction contest on our forums and our winners once again showed themselves to be very smart and very passionate about running. This contest was simple, predict the winners of the races with the winning time, and whoever came closest won.

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Dylan Mitlof won the men’s contest, missing Martin Hehir‘s winning time by only six seconds. Dylan is getting a masters degree in Data Analytics from Binghamton University. Dylan’s parents were both runners and he started running in middle school. And then in 2016, he started following professional running and had a life-changing moment, “I discovered and was hooked.” Soon he’ll be making his half-marathon debut.

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In the women’s contest, two posters both missed Sara Hall‘s winning time by only 2 seconds.

Anthony Stohr was one of them and like Dylan sounds really smart. He’s a senior chemical engineering student at Northeastern University in Boston and he will be starting a PHd program later this year. Anthony’s high school team won three Class C track championships in Rhode Island. He’s had the injury bug in college, but can hope for some of Marty Hehir’s grad school success.

Our final winner who tied Anthony is a true unicorn, the poster who has not pulled off the “trifecta” of making a million dollars a year, have a super-hot spouse, and a sub-14 minute 5k PR. His name is Chen H. We’re withholding his last name to protect his identity since he is not the normal LRC poster.

The bio Chen sent us was pretty funny so we’re posting it below in its entirety. All of our winners, get the shirt of their choice. If you’re looking for one of the softest running shirts out there, we’ve got you covered.

I am a 30-year-old 2:3x something marathoner. Been a LRCer for about only 2 years if I recall correctly.
Not an American but have lived in the U.S for 10 years now.
Hell I don’t know how to write a bio and will just take the easy way out:
sub-14 5k: no
9.5/10 hot wife: no
1M salary: no
favorite running shoe 2020: nothing (would have been freedom 3 if it’s 30 dollars cheaper..)
best shoe purchase during thanksgiving: glideride for ~$83
current running shoe rotation: escalante 2, freedom 2, vongo 4, max road4 hyper, paradigm 4.5
biggest disappointment this year: did not get to see Kipchoge vs. Bekele (twice, damn it)
recently inspired by: Sara Hall and Ari Klau
biggest running mistake: running too hard too often
Kipchoge or Bekele: Kipchoge
favorite quote: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”
favorite parts of LRC: Not sure if i have ever laughed out when reading news and discussions about running. I got to know many runners and stories that I would otherwise not know, many of them are inspiring and motivate me to go out for a run at 5:30am.
next favorite part of LRC: those dumb posts. I love them. I am dumb.
least favorite part of LRC: anything political, baseless claims
opinions on super shoes: now that everyone wears super shoes can we congratulate the winners and focus on the race?
favorite super shoe: have not tried any. I will make sure to grab one pair when I am a 2:15 marathoner chasing sub 2:10…
question to other LRCer: what’s your least durable road running shoes?
request to other LRCer: can we all use metrics lol?
jokes aside, hope everyone stays safe and healthy and gets some running done so we can kick each other’s ass when races are back.
Merry Christmas and an early happy new year!