Whom Did The LetsRun.com Visitors Support In The US Presidential Election? Click Here To Find Out

By LetsRun.com
November 6, 2020

The contested 2020 US presidential election finally looks like it is close to being decided as Joe Biden has pulled ahead of Donald Trump in the vote count in both Georgia and Arizona.

As the drama has unfolded over the last four days, we wondered who the visitors of LetsRun.com were pulling for. So we put up a poll and asked people to tell us who they voted for.

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The results reveal that LetsRun.com is much more pro-Biden than America as a whole as 71.13% of LRC visitors who said they voted indicated they voted for Biden, while just 21.90% said they voted for Trump. 6.97% of LRC voters went the third-party route.

Whom Did LetsRunners Vote For?
Biden 71.13%
Trump 21.90%
Other   6.97%

LRC visitors also appear to take voting more seriously than the average American as only 4.93% of respondents who indicated they were eligible to vote said they didn’t vote.

15.53% of respondents indicated they were ineligible to vote as they aren’t US citizens or aren’t 18 years of age.

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MB: Whom did the LetsRun.com visitors vote for in the 2020 US Presidential Election?

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