How To Watch: Michigan Pro Ekiden Streaming Information

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By David Monti, @d9monti
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(21-Aug) – The inaugural Michigan Pro Ekiden will be held this morning in Stony Creek MetroPark in Shelby Township, Michigan, at 10:00 EDT (15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST).  The event will have a free, live, global broadcast via Facebook Live here:

The competition will take place on the six-mile loop road around the park’s lake and will be broken up into the following sections: 10-K men, 6.1-K women, 5-K men, 10-K women, 6.1-K men, and 5-K women.  Seven teams will be competing:

. Atlanta Track Club Elite (coach Amy Begley)
. Hoka Northern Arizona Elite (coach Ben Rosario)
. Hansons-Brooks “A” (coaches Kevin and Keith Hanson)
. Minnesota Distance Elite (coach Chris Lundstrom
. T.E.A.M Boulder (coach Lee Troop)
. Roots Running Project (coach Richie Hansen)
. Hansons-Brooks “B” (coaches Kevin and Keith Hanson)

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Here are the athlete line-ups by section:

Section 1 (Men/10 km):
Matt McDonald, Atlanta Track Club Elite
Tyler Day, Hoka Northern Arizona Elite
Zach Panning, Hansons-Brooks A
Joel Reichow, Minnesota Distance Elite
David Goodman, T.E.A.M Boulder
Frank Lara, Roots Running Project
Ian La Mere, Hansons-Brooks B

Section 2 (Women/6.1 km):
Yolanda Ngarambe, Atlanta Track Club Elite (SWE)
Lauren Paquette, Hoka Northern Arizona Elite
Ann-Marie Blaney, Hansons-Brooks A
Breanna Sieracki, Minnesota Distance Elite
Melissa Dock, T.E.A.M Boulder
Maggie Montoya, Roots Running Project
Megan O’Neil, Hansons-Brooks B

Section 3 (Men/5 km):
Justin Wachtel, Atlanta Track Club Elite
Rory Linkletter, Hoka Northern Arizona Elite (CAN)
Ben Kendell, Hansons-Brooks A
Danny Docherty, Minnesota Distance Elite
Jake Waterman, T.E.A.M Boulder
Austen Dalquist, Roots Running Project
Shadrack Biwott, Hansons-Brooks B

Section 4 (Women/10 km):
Janel Blancett, Atlanta Track Club Elite
Kellyn Taylor, Hoka Northern Arizona Elite
Natosha Rogers, Hansons-Brooks A
Annie Frisbie, Minnesota Distance Elite
Carrie Verdon, T.E.A.M Boulder
Alia Gray, Roots Running Project
Amy Davis, Hansons-Brooks B

Section 5 (Men/6.1 km):
Wilkerson Given, Atlanta Track Club Elite
Scott Fauble, Hoka Northern Arizona Elite
Hassan Abdi, Hansons-Brooks A
Kevin Lewis, Minnesota Distance Elite
Jake Riley, T.E.A.M Boulder
Will Cross, Roots Running Project
Brendan Gregg, Hansons-Brooks B

Section 6 (Women/5 km):
Allie Wilson, Atlanta Track Club Elite
Dani Shanahan, Hoka Northern Arizona Elite
Olivia Pratt, Hansons-Brooks A
Meghan Peyton, Minnesota Distance Elite
Erika Waterman, T.E.A.M Boulder
Lexi Zeiss, Roots Running Project
Dot McMahan, Hansons-Brooks B

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