2020 Tokyo Olympic Predictions Podcast + Best of LetsRun.com 2019

By LetsRun.com
January 3, 2020

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A new year and decade are here and we look back (at the top articles and threads of the year and decade) and ahead to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Who is more likely to get gold Kenenisa Bekele or Evan JagerShelby Houlihan or Matthew CentrowitzAjee’ Wilson or Donavan Brazier? What about Bryce Hoppel or Clayton MurphyMo Farah or Muktar Edris? Who gets more medals Jerry Schumacher’s Bowerman Track Club or Pete Julian’s unnamed group.

We have a Hakone Ekiden/ Nike Vaporfly talk, Alberto Salazar segment on Sifan Hassan, and end with predictions for Mary Cain in 2020 as she kicked off the year with the Midnight Run in Central Park.

Looking for a great race this winter? Run the Publix Atlanta Marathon, Half, 5k, the day after the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta. More details here.

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Show notes: (click to listen there)
Start: Happy New Year: Top articles of year
[13:58] Top threads of year
[19:35] Articles of the decade
[20:49] Crazy stuff of year
[25:49] Employee 1.1 Sub 5 Streak Continues
[30:05] Post of Decade Thread is now up
[32:07] Hakone Ekiden/ Vaporfly segment of week
[38:27] Tokyo Olympics Rapid Fire Round: Who is more likely to win gold…
[49:50] Alberto Salazar segment
[54:14] Biggest favorite for gold in Tokyo is
[58:06] Who gets more medals: Bowerman or Pete Julian group
[65:16] Mary Cain back racing will she make Olympic Track and Field Trials?

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