2019 Oxy Recap: Nikki Hiltz Stays Hot, Rachel Schneider Gets a Big 5K PB, Aisha Praught Leer Gets a NR and Is Lawi Lalang Back?

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By LetsRun.com
May 16, 2019

The 2019 IAAF World Championships don’t start for another 135 days, and that may be a good thing as for the most part the winning times at Thursday’s 2019 USATF Distance Classic in California were modest. The winning times were just 2:02.95 and 1:46.10 in the 800s (Kate Grace and Clayton Murphy), 3:37.84 in the men’s 1500 (Kalle Berglund), 9:59.82 and 8:30.99 in the steeples (Courtney Barnes and Jordan Mann) and 13:25.14 in the men’s 5000 (Lawi Lalang).

That being said, there were some performances of note in the women’s 1500 and 5000s. In the women’s 1500, two-time NCAA runner-up Nikki Hiltz of adidas stayed hot and PR’d to win in 4:07.71 as Rachel Schneider of Under Armour ran a nine-second PB of 15:06.71 to win the women’s 5000 and become the first US woman to get the 2020 Olympic standard in the event. Aisha Praught Leer of Under Armouth/Jamaica was just behind her in a Jamaican record of 15:07.50. HOKA’s Stephanie Bruce knocked 27 seconds off her PB, running 15:17.76 to get the World standard in the event at age 35. 

Rachel Schneider and Aisha Praught-Leer get the Olympic standard

Here are our big takeaways from the event, starting with the women’s meet. After that we give you women’s results, then the men’s takeaways and results.

Women’s 800: Kate Grace looked good even though she ran the 800 like a 1500-meter runner

Grace has been focused on the 1500 the last few years and that remains her primary event, but one shouldn’t forget that she was the US champ and an Olympic finalist at 800 meters in 2016. Grace’s time tonight wasn’t all that impressive — 2:02.95 — but she won the top section, moving up from 4th with 200 to go and looking strong in the home straight.

After the race, she said that was by design as she was under instructions to come from behind and run it more like a 1500.

“[Coach] Jerry [Schumacher] surprised me a little bit, told me that I should try to go out in the back and see what I could do second lap, just because I’ve been doing a lot of 1500-meter work,” Grace said after the race on the NBC Sports Gold broadcast. “Usually 800s, I’m used to going out in front and pushing so that was a little bit nerve-wracking. But he did say it was a hard way to win, and so I’m glad that I pulled out the win.”

Mission accomplished for Grace, who got the job done in her outdoor opener.

Women’s 800 and 1500: Konstanze Klosterhalfen looked awful in the 800 but she showed toughness to double back and run okay in the 1500 (Clayton Murphy did the opposite, more on that later)

Nike Oregon Project athletes often attempt the 800/1500 double at Oxy, and that was Klosterhalfen’s assignment today. Part one did not go well. Klosterhalfen owns a personal best of 1:59, so one wouldn’t think that going out in 59.77 as she did would be too fast. But it was clear that she was hurting on the second lap, as she totally cratered over the final 300 meters, going 59.77-67.84 to finish dead last in her section in 2:07.60.

Despite the poor result, Klosterhalfen deserves props for still doubling back in the 1500, and she ran well in that event, taking third in 4:09.16 — well off her PR, but a solid run she had run 800 barely an hour before.

Women’s 1500: Nikki Hiltz stayed hot and got a PR

The 24-year-old Hiltz was the NCAA runner-up at Arkansas in 2017 and 2018, but she’s way ahead of where she was at this point last season. In 2018, she underwent knee surgery after the indoor season and didn’t race outdoors until May 12. Already this year, she’s won the BAA mile and USATF title on the roads and in her first 1500 of the season tonight, she earned a nice PR of 4:07.71 (previous pb: 4:09.14) to earn the win in the fastest section.

Hiltz, who is thriving with the Mission Athletics Club in San Diego under Terrence Mahon, still has some work to do to get the World standard (4:06.50), but the way she is running, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her get it. She has certainly emerged as a threat to make the team.

Women’s 1500: Colorado’s Sage Hurta is redshirting, but she may be the best collegiate 1500 runner right now

Sage Hurta, like fellow Colorado Buffalo Dani Jones did in 2018, is redshirting the 2019 outdoor track season. And just like Jones, who ran 4:07 last spring, Hurta has been running extremely fast. Hurta, who was 22nd at NCAA XC in November, lowered her PR from 4:13.68 to 4:09.48 at the Bryan Clay Invite on April 19 and showed that was no fluke by running another PR 4:09.37 tonight.

How good is that? The top NCAA time this year is just 4:12.08, by Oregon’s Jessica Hull.

Women’s 5000: Rachel Schneider knocked out the Olympic standard, Aisha Praught-Leer set the Jamaican record, and Stephanie Bruce ran another PR at age 35

The women’s 5000 was full of PRs, thanks largely to Emma Coburn, who paced through 4000 meters of the race. In the end, it came down to last year’s US runner-up Rachel Schneider and Coburn’s training partner Aisha Praught-Leer, with Schneider pulling away for the win in 15:06.71. Praught-Leer was second in 15:07.50, a Jamaican record as she broke Yvonne Mai-Graham‘s 15:07.91 which had stood since  1995. Stephanie Bruce ran a PR of 15:17.76 to finish fourth and hit the World Championship standard, slashing 27 seconds off her PR just two weeks after winning the USATF Half Marathon title (and being on the Letsrun.com podcast)

Schneider’s 15:06 was a nine-second PR, and more importantly, gave her the 2020 Olympic standard of 15:10.00 — the first American woman to do so in the 5,000. Considering only five Americans broke 15:10 last, that gives her a leg up on the competition and will grant her peace of mind knowing that she won’t have to knock out the time next year.

Heat 3 Women’s 800 Results

17Kate GRACENike / Bowerman TC2:02.951:00.14 [1:00.14]2:02.95 [1:02.81]
25Hanna HERMANSSONCraft2:03.211:00.53 [1:00.53]2:03.21 [1:02.68]
32Cory MCGEENew Balance2:03.3559.67 [59.67]2:03.35 [1:03.68]
41Luisa REAL CRESPOMx International2:04.1559.94 [59.94]2:04.15 [1:04.21]
53Samantha MURPHYThe Mission AC2:04.3259.48 [59.48]2:04.32 [1:04.84]
64Maite BOUCHARDSherbrooke2:04.6959.97 [59.97]2:04.69 [1:04.73]
76Konstanze KLOSTERHALFENNike Oregon Project2:07.6059.77 [59.77]2:07.60 [1:07.84]

Heat 2 Results

16Laurence COTEUnattached2:03.471:00.02 [1:00.02]2:03.47 [1:03.45]
23Lauren JOHNSONBoston Athletic Association2:03.871:00.45 [1:00.45]2:03.87 [1:03.42]
37Rebecca MEHRAOiselle2:03.941:00.53 [1:00.53]2:03.94 [1:03.41]
44Alethia MARREROGarden State TC2:04.511:01.01 [1:01.01]2:04.51 [1:03.50]
52Ashley TAYLORUnder Armour2:06.391:00.74 [1:00.74]2:06.39 [1:05.65]
65Sabrina SOUTHERLANDNike / Otc Elite2:09.861:01.16 [1:01.16]2:09.86 [1:08.70]
71Annette MELCHERAir Force Wcap

Heat 1 Results

11Savannah CAMACHO-COLONUnattached2:05.391:00.51 [1:00.51]2:05.39 [1:04.88]
26Shea COLLINSWORTHNike2:05.621:01.03 [1:01.03]2:05.62 [1:04.60]
35Julia STEPANOVAUnattached2:06.221:01.39 [1:01.39]2:06.22 [1:04.83]
43Gabriela MEDINAMx International2:06.251:00.76 [1:00.76]2:06.25 [1:05.50]
54Devan WIEBEOcean Athletics2:06.991:00.90 [1:00.90]2:06.99 [1:06.09]
62Ana Rosa GOMEZJalisco2:08.621:01.07 [1:01.07]2:08.62 [1:07.55]


Women’s 1500 Results
Heat 2

112Nikki HILTZadidas4:07.7150.78 [50.78]1:58.70 [1:07.92]3:04.26 [1:05.57]4:07.71 [1:03.45]
22Karissa SCHWEIZERNike / Bowerman TC4:08.5150.92 [50.92]1:57.94 [1:07.03]3:03.86 [1:05.92]4:08.51 [1:04.65]
34Konstanze KLOSTERHALFENNike Oregon Project4:09.1650.97 [50.97]1:58.27 [1:07.31]3:04.63 [1:06.36]4:09.16 [1:04.54]
41Amy-Eloise NEALERebook Boston TC4:09.3151.00 [51.00]1:58.49 [1:07.49]3:04.54 [1:06.05]4:09.31 [1:04.78]
55Sage HURTAUnattached4:09.3750.65 [50.65]1:58.03 [1:07.39]3:04.06 [1:06.04]4:09.37 [1:05.31]
611Hanna GREENNike / Otc Elite4:09.7351.23 [51.23]1:58.56 [1:07.34]3:04.64 [1:06.08]4:09.73 [1:05.10]
78Grace BARNETTMammoth TC4:11.6851.53 [51.53]1:59.33 [1:07.81]3:05.20 [1:05.87]4:11.68 [1:06.49]
810Katie MACKEYBrooks Beasts TC4:12.3550.70 [50.70]1:58.17 [1:07.48]3:04.40 [1:06.24]4:12.35 [1:07.95]
913Mariah KELLYNew Balance Canada4:12.6051.16 [51.16]1:58.75 [1:07.60]3:04.76 [1:06.01]4:12.60 [1:07.85]
103Elise CRANNYNike / Bowerman TC4:13.2151.37 [51.37]1:58.83 [1:07.47]3:04.84 [1:06.01]4:13.21 [1:08.37]
117Hannah FIELDSUsa4:13.8750.48 [50.48]1:57.86 [1:07.39]3:04.02 [1:06.16]4:13.87 [1:09.86]
129Amanda REGOColorado Springs TC4:13.9450.99 [50.99]1:59.07 [1:08.08]3:04.82 [1:05.75]4:13.94 [1:09.13]
136Violah LAGATadidas4:14.5350.66 [50.66]1:57.98 [1:07.32]3:04.58 [1:06.61]4:14.53 [1:09.95]

Heat 1

12Courtney FRERICHSNike / Bowerman TC4:15.9651.25 [51.25]2:03.87 [1:12.62]3:12.89 [1:09.03]4:15.96 [1:03.07]
28Jenna HINKLEHoka Aggie RC4:16.4551.15 [51.15]2:04.26 [1:13.11]3:13.07 [1:08.82]4:16.45 [1:03.38]
34Dana MECKECstc Elite4:16.9850.46 [50.46]2:03.53 [1:13.08]3:12.41 [1:08.88]4:16.98 [1:04.57]
46Angelin FIGUEROAPuerto Rico4:18.3451.25 [51.25]2:04.72 [1:13.48]3:13.49 [1:08.77]4:18.34 [1:04.86]
511Erika KEMPBoston Athletic Association4:19.6450.61 [50.61]2:04.03 [1:13.43]3:13.38 [1:09.35]4:19.64 [1:06.26]
614Alexina WILSONOiselle4:19.6651.62 [51.62]2:04.08 [1:12.47]3:13.30 [1:09.22]4:19.66 [1:06.37]
79Jessy LACOURSELaval – Canada4:20.1451.47 [51.47]2:04.96 [1:13.50]3:13.81 [1:08.85]4:20.14 [1:06.33]
813Raquel LAMBDINThe Mission AC4:20.6951.43 [51.43]2:04.02 [1:12.59]3:14.55 [1:10.53]4:20.69 [1:06.15]
91Marielle HALLNike / Bowerman TC4:20.9350.77 [50.77]2:03.73 [1:12.97]3:12.78 [1:09.05]4:20.93 [1:08.16]
103Faith MAKAUUnattached4:22.9051.01 [51.01]2:04.80 [1:13.80]3:14.14 [1:09.34]4:22.90 [1:08.77]
117Carina GILLESPIEAir Force Wcap4:23.0551.41 [51.41]2:04.51 [1:13.10]3:13.94 [1:09.43]4:23.05 [1:09.12]
1210Maddy BERKSONPeninsula Distance Club4:23.2951.54 [51.54]2:04.54 [1:13.00]3:14.21 [1:09.67]4:23.29 [1:09.08]
1315Aurelie DUBE-LAVOIELaval – Canada4:26.0650.98 [50.98]2:04.50 [1:13.52]3:14.53 [1:10.04]4:26.06 [1:11.53]
1412Tori TSOLISPeninsula Distance Club4:26.9652.06 [52.06]2:05.24 [1:13.18]3:15.89 [1:10.66]4:26.96 [1:11.07]
155Belen CASETTAArgentina4:27.5551.77 [51.77]2:05.07 [1:13.30]3:17.11 [1:12.05]4:27.55 [1:10.44]

Women’s Steeple Results


1Courtney BARNESMcKirdy Trained9:59.82
2Maria BERNARD-GALEASaucony Canada10:05.71
3Jessica FURLANExcel Athletika10:15.08
4Christine THORNRoots Running Project10:17.79

Women’s 5000 Results

1Rachel SCHNEIDERUnder Armour15:06.71
2Aisha PRAUGHT-LEERUnder Armour15:07.50
3Lauren PAQUETTEUnattached15:14.64
4Stephanie BRUCEHoka One One Naz Elite15:17.76
5Helen SCHLACHTENHAUFENSaucony / Freedom TC15:30.83
6Regan YEELangley Mustangs15:31.62
7Rachel CLIFFON Running15:32.49
8Erica DIGBYMile2Marathon15:33.51
9Sarah PAGANOadidas15:37.69
10Maggie MONTOYARoots Running Project15:38.21
11Breanna SIERACKIUnattached15:38.53
12Allie BUCHALSKIBrooks Beasts TC15:41.28
13Elvin KIBETU.S. Army15:41.31
14Shannon OSIKANike15:43.76
15Maya WEIGELPeninsula Distance Club16:12.77
16Marta PEN FREITASBrooks Beasts TC16:31.88
Jessica O’CONNELLCanadaDNF
Aminat OLOWORAOklahoma City UniversityDNS

Men’s 800: Clayton Murphy kept rolling in the 800; remember the name Ryan Sanchez

Murphy’s day was the opposite of Klosterhalfen’s as he ran well in the 800 but not the 1500. Overall, he has to be happier with his day, however, as he won his 800 — which came first — and found himself in a tough 1500 race running on tired legs. Murphy was never a factor in the 1500 and packed it in on the last lap when the kicking began, finishing last in 3:45.79 (63.39 final lap).

Murphy is usually a smart tactical runner, but he wasn’t in great position in the 800 tonight, running almost the entire race in lane 2. Entering the final turn, it was Ryan Sanchez of Puerto Rico who had the lead, and though Murphy tried to get around him with 150 to go, Sanchez held him off.

Ultimately, however, Murphy showed why he’s the Olympic bronze medalist as he dug deep over the final 100 meters to edge Sanchez just before the line and pull out the win, 1:46.10 to 1:46.21. We’d estimate Murphy cost himself at least a second by running extra distance on the turns.

Sanchez is a guy to keep an eye on. Still only 20 years old, he ran a PR 1:44 last month and gave Murphy everything he could handle tonight, almost going wire-to-wire. Sanchez got beaten by an older, fitter runner in Murphy, but it will be interesting to monitor his progress going forward.

Men’s 5000: Is Lawi Lalang back?

During his career at Arizona earlier this decade, Lawi Lalang was one of the most dominant runners in NCAA history, racking up eight NCAA titles from the mile to the 10,000. He ran incredible PRs of 3:33 and 13:00 the summer before his senior year, but he hasn’t touched those marks in recent years; since the start of 2015, his best times in those events are 3:40 and 13:16.

Now a US citizen and training with Scott Simmons’ group in Colorado, Lalang, who is still only 27, was clearly the class of the field in the men’s 5000 tonight, taking off after 3k and running the final mile solo (he ran his final 1600 in 4:12). Lalang may never regain his form of 2011-14, but he looked strong tonight, even though he was disappointed to fall short of the World standard of 13:22.50.

“I wish I had someone to push me,” Lalang said after the race.

Behind Lalang, there were several middle-distance specialists moving up, with mixed results. Josh Kerr’s first 5000 was a big success as he finished second in 13:28.66, one place ahead of Brooks Beasts teammate Henry Wynne (13:32.33). Chris O’Hare also notched a nice PR of 13:33.99, down from his 13:42.00 best from four years ago, but things didn’t go quite as smoothly for 36-year-old Nick Willis, who ran 13:49.93, fading badly toward the end (4:35 final 1600).

Men’s Results

Men’s 800 Heat 2

14Clayton MURPHYNike Oregon Project1:46.1051.86 [51.86]1:46.10 [54.24]
25Ryan SANCHEZPuerto Rico1:46.2151.37 [51.37]1:46.21 [54.84]
38Craig ENGELSNike Oregon Project1:46.7352.18 [52.18]1:46.73 [54.56]
42Samuel ELLISONBoston Athletic Association1:47.0151.85 [51.85]1:47.01 [55.16]
53Erik SOWINSKINike1:47.2152.10 [52.10]1:47.21 [55.12]
61Harun ABDAOregon TC Elite1:47.2351.82 [51.82]1:47.23 [55.41]
76Wesley VAZQUEZPuerto Rico1:47.5251.63 [51.63]1:47.52 [55.89]
87Robert FORDHoka Njnytc1:48.3352.01 [52.01]1:48.33 [56.32]

Heat 1

13Brannon KIDDERBrooks Beasts TC1:47.1753.18 [53.18]1:47.17 [54.00]
26Kyle LANGFORDPhoenix TC1:47.3152.42 [52.42]1:47.31 [54.90]
35Drew PIAZZAOregon TC Elite1:47.7452.93 [52.93]1:47.74 [54.81]
44Drew WINDLEBrooks Beasts TC1:48.0352.06 [52.06]1:48.03 [55.97]
57Izaic YORKSBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC1:48.2253.24 [53.24]1:48.22 [54.98]
62Neil GOURLEYOregon TC Elite1:48.4253.66 [53.66]1:48.42 [54.77]
79David RIBICHBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC1:49.2753.44 [53.44]1:49.27 [55.83]
81Christian HARRISONBoston Athletic Association1:49.4752.71 [52.71]1:49.47 [56.76]
98Anthony ROMANIWUnattached1:50.4453.82 [53.82]1:50.44 [56.63]

Men’s 1500 Results

Heat 3

13Kalle BERGLUNDArctic Approach Mgmt3:37.8444.08 [44.08]1:42.66 [58.58]2:41.53 [58.88]3:37.84 [56.31]
211Kirubel ERASSAAmerican Distance Project3:38.2643.36 [43.36]1:42.19 [58.83]2:41.76 [59.57]3:38.26 [56.50]
32Drew HUNTERadidas / Tinman Elite3:38.5543.65 [43.65]1:42.41 [58.77]2:41.86 [59.45]3:38.55 [56.69]
44Sam PARSONSadidas / Tinman Elite3:38.6343.88 [43.88]1:42.88 [59.00]2:42.10 [59.22]3:38.63 [56.54]
51Sean MCGORTYNike / Bowerman TC3:38.7543.15 [43.15]1:41.92 [58.78]2:41.46 [59.54]3:38.75 [57.30]
65Jordan GUSMANTinman Elite3:39.1644.21 [44.21]1:43.16 [58.96]2:41.98 [58.83]3:39.16 [57.18]
79Lopez LOMONGNike / Bowerman TC3:39.7244.55 [44.55]1:43.40 [58.86]2:42.50 [59.10]3:39.72 [57.23]
87Samuel PRAKELadidas3:40.9043.81 [43.81]1:42.81 [59.00]2:41.82 [59.02]3:40.90 [59.08]
910Moh AHMEDNike / Bowerman TC3:41.3044.72 [44.72]1:43.68 [58.97]2:42.86 [59.19]3:41.30 [58.44]
108Daniel HERRERAHigh Performance West3:43.6942.90 [42.90]1:42.56 [59.67]2:42.74 [1:00.18]3:43.69 [1:00.96]
116Clayton MURPHYNike Oregon Project3:45.7944.32 [44.32]1:43.05 [58.74]2:42.40 [59.35]3:45.79 [1:03.39]

Heat 2

17James RANDONSaucony / Freedom TC3:42.3546.12 [46.12]1:45.60 [59.49]2:45.22 [59.63]3:42.35 [57.13]
24William KINCAIDNike / Bowerman TC3:42.4345.88 [45.88]1:45.45 [59.57]2:46.29 [1:00.85]3:42.43 [56.14]
310Jacob EDWARDSColumbus RC3:43.4345.12 [45.12]1:45.20 [1:00.09]2:45.64 [1:00.44]3:43.43 [57.79]
49Joshua THOMPSONNike / Bowerman TC3:43.5744.71 [44.71]1:45.07 [1:00.37]2:46.64 [1:01.57]3:43.57 [56.93]
56Matt HUGHESNike / Bowerman TC3:44.1445.27 [45.27]1:45.27 [60.00]2:45.94 [1:00.68]3:44.14 [58.20]
63Nick HARRISUnattached3:45.1944.49 [44.49]1:44.59 [1:00.11]2:45.90 [1:01.31]3:45.19 [59.29]
71Chad NOELLEUnattached3:46.0744.93 [44.93]1:44.83 [59.90]2:46.09 [1:01.26]3:46.07 [59.99]
88Hyuga ENDOSumitomo Electric3:46.6145.53 [45.53]1:44.99 [59.47]2:45.54 [1:00.55]3:46.61 [1:01.07]
95Kevin ROBERTSONSaint-Laurent Select3:47.4045.68 [45.68]1:44.74 [59.06]2:44.24 [59.51]3:47.40 [1:03.16]
102Adam PALAMARVic City Elite4:04.1745.80 [45.80]1:47.89 [1:02.10]2:53.58 [1:05.70]4:04.17 [1:10.60]

Heat 1

19Daniel ESTRADAMexico WR NM3:42.5044.62 [44.62]1:44.05 [59.43]2:44.04 [60.00]3:42.50 [58.46]
26Mac FLEETUnattached3:43.4944.62 [44.62]1:44.43 [59.81]2:45.19 [1:00.77]3:43.49 [58.30]
37Joe COFFEYCollegeville TC3:44.4344.81 [44.81]1:44.49 [59.68]2:44.53 [1:00.05]3:44.43 [59.90]
42Julius BORU.S. Army3:45.2944.40 [44.40]1:44.27 [59.88]2:44.83 [1:00.56]3:45.29 [1:00.47]
54Tom FARRELLNike / Otc Elite3:47.3145.02 [45.02]1:44.65 [59.63]2:45.61 [1:00.97]3:47.31 [1:01.70]
68Colin SCHULTZUnattached3:49.2744.32 [44.32]1:43.83 [59.52]2:44.91 [1:01.09]3:49.27 [1:04.36]
71Jose MARTINEZMx International4:06.9845.49 [45.49]1:47.70 [1:02.21]2:56.60 [1:08.91]4:06.98 [1:10.39]
DNS3Shoma FUNATSUChuo University

Men’s Steeple Results

1Jordan MANNOcean State AC / New Balance8:30.99
2Frankline TONUIU.S. Army8:32.02
3Mason FERLICNike8:32.24
4David GOODMANUnattached8:33.42
5John GAYVancouver Thunderbirds8:33.59
6Brian BARRAZAadidas8:34.75
7Craig NOWAKFurman Elite8:36.60
8Tripp HURTUnattached8:39.16
9Adam VISOKAYRebook Boston TC8:39.83
10Troy REEDERFurman Elite8:40.36
11Donn CABRALHoka One One / Hoka Njnytc8:41.25
12Benard KETERU.S. Army8:42.05
13Dylan HODGSONUnattached8:42.54
14Kaur KIVISTIKEstonia8:43.85
15Quetzalcoatl DELGADO FITZMv8:47.91

Men’s 5000 Results

1Lawi LALANGU.S. Army13:25.14
2Josh KERRBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC13:28.66
3Henry WYNNEBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC13:32.33
4Sam MCENTEEAustraila13:33.67
5Chris O’HAREadidas13:33.99
6Mauricio GONZALEZEquipo Porvenir13:35.29
7Tommy CURTINSaucony / Freedom TC13:36.08
8Diego ESTRADAAsics13:37.56
9Trevor DUNBARBoston Athletic Association13:44.30
10Jeffrey THIES IITinman Elite13:44.66
11Lucas BRUCHETMile2Marathon13:45.26
12Dillon MAGGARDBrooks Beasts TC13:46.63
13Darius TERRYHoka Aggie RC13:47.08
14Jacob THOMSONBoston Athletic Association13:48.43
15Nick WILLISadidas13:49.93
16Will LEERUnder Armour / Nyac13:50.97
17Kyle MEDINATinman Elite13:55.11
18Craig LAUTENSLAGERUnattached13:57.79
19Kevin LEWISTeam Usa Minnesota14:06.36
20Joseph BERRIATUATinman Elite14:17.36
Josef TESSEMAAmerican Distance ProjectDNS

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