Fancy Bears Hack Releases Documents That Say Many Of Track and Field’s Biggest Stars Were “Likely Doping.” See The Latest Fancy Bears Documents Here

July 5, 2017

The Fancy Bears hacking group has issued another explosive release today. In it, they present documents which they claim come from the athlete biological passport (ABP) of many top track and field stars. In the documents, many of the stars are listed as being “likely doping” or “passport suspicious.” Downloading the documents from the fancybear site can be done here but we decided to embed two of the more explosive documents for you below.

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We’ll need more context before we make any conclusions on what these documents mean but believe in full transparency with the anti-doping process.

*MB: Farah and Rupp= “likely doping” according to IAAF blood passport/Fancy Bears leak – 
*MB: Evan Jager “likely doping” per new Fancy Bears leak 

Download (PDF, 216KB)

Download (PDF, 246KB)

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