Fancy Bears Releases The Vitamins and Medications That Galen Rupp and Shannon Rowbury Were on Before Rio

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March 2, 2017

Fancy Bears has struck again with yet another leak. The Russian hackers have obtained the list of vitamins and medications that Nike Oregon Project teammates Galen Rupp and Shannon Rowbury stated they were on prior to the Rio Olympics and released them to the French publication L’Equipe which has published them on their website.

According to Fancy Bears and L’Equipe, over the span of four days in April, Galen Rupp took 21 different tablets for 13 difference substances and that’s not counting his asthma puff medications Advair and Combivent.

lequipe-salazarAs for Rowbury, she’s apparently an even bigger fan of supplements as over the span of eight days in May, she took 18 tablets for at least 17 different substances. If you add in all the powders, gels, ointments, drinks and even Epsom salts that Rowbury also says she took, there are more than 30 different substances on her list.

Now before you say to yourself, “OMG, that’s ridiculous,” it’s important to a) realize that none of the substances on the list are prohibited and b) take a look at the actual substances they were taking as many of them are things that lots of average Americans take. Rowbury, for example, lists Epsom salts, a bag of tea, and Tiger Balm on her list. If you count up just Vitamin C, D and iron tablets/gels alone, you are already in double digits between the two athletes.

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Here is a translated version of what Rupp and Rowbury were both on according to a Google Translate version of the list that appears in the L’Equipe article.

Galen Rupp Leaded Supplements
20 April 2016
– 2 tablets of Citracal
treatment of calcium deficiencies 21 April 2016
– 1 tablet of Grastek
treatment allergic respiratory  diseases– 4 tablets of Iron Iron
Deficiency Treatment

– 1 tablet of vitamin C 1

– 1 tablet of vitamin D 2

– 2 tablets of vitamin E 2

– 1 zinc tablet

– 3 tablets of ZMA
promotes recovery

April 22, 2016
– Advair®
treatment of respiratory problems

– 1 tablet d ‘Allegra®

– 2 puffs of Combivent®
treatment of respiratory problems

– 1 tablet of Singulair®
treatment of respiratory problems, type of exercise asthma

– 2 tablets of Tylenol®
pain and fever

April 23, 2016
– 1 tablet of Cytomel®
treatment Of hypothyroidism

– 1 tablet of Synthroid® treatment of hypothyroidismHypothyroidism

Shannon Rowbury’s Supplements
May 15, 2016

– 1 vitamin D gellulaMay 18th, 2016
– 10 sprays of vitamin D for the first time.oil Magnesium
– 1 bag of glukos energy drink
energy drink

May 19, 2016
– 1 tablespoon beet powder

– 1 dose of GU Gel
energy gel

– 1 tablespoon of Md + ® power drink
dietary supplement

– 1 tablet of Celebrex
anti NSAID-inflammatory non-steroidal

– 1 small amount (a small amount) of Tiger Balm
treatment of muscle pain

– 1 bag of Yogi Tea®
herbal and ayurveda tea

– 1 tablet Md Aminos +

– 1 dose of Probiotics Bio-K®
protection Intestinal flora

– 1 powerful Zolpidem sleeping pill

20 May 2016
– 4 nasal sprays
Salt water – 1 spoon of Max CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine
dietary supplement

May 21, 2016
– 1 tablet of vitamin B

May 22, 2016
– Aczone® (dapsone) Gel, 7.5%,

treatment – 10 oil applications Neem and tea tree oil
treatment of fungal infections (athlete’s foot)

– 1 tablet of Claritin®

– 1 cup of Epsom bath salts
muscle relaxation

– 1 tablet of Hammer® endurolytes
supplements electrolytes

– 1 tablet d ‘Hammer® Premium Insurance Caps
vitamin supplement

– 1 tablet of Md + Lipoflush®
food supplement

– 1 tablet of Montelukast®
treatment of respiratory problems, type of exercise asthma

– 1 tablet of turmeric (turmeric)
anti-inflammatory virtues
– 1 calcium tablet

– 1 tablet of Multigen iron
nutritional supplement

– 1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition® whey protein

– 1 tablet of vitamin C

– 1 tablet of Feosol® carbonyl iron iron
deficiency treatment

– 1 quart of Voltaren tablet &arnica gel
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

– 1 tablet Hammer® Mito caps (anti-aging formula with vitamins Powerful athletic benefits + L-carnitine)
dietary supplement

– 1 tablet Feosol® Ferrous Sulfate Iron
processing deficiency Iron

– 2 tablets of PowerBar® beta alanine

While everything on that list is legal, not everyone was happy with it. L’Equipe showed the list of medications the athletes to Dr. Jean-Michel Serra, the French Athletics Federation’s doctor.

“It’s quite astounding as lists. One wonders if they are not sick!” said Dr. Serra in French (C’est assez stupéfiant comme listes. On se demande s’ils ne sont pas malades !). “Taking drugs when you are not sick is clearly entering into the foundations of doping (Prendre des médicaments lorsqu’on n’est pas malade, c’est clairement entrer dans les fondements du dopage).”

L’Equipe asked USADA for comment and spokesperson Ryan Madden reminded L’Equipe that the main point of Fancy Bears was to distract people from the Russian doping scandal.

This isn’t the first Fancy Bears leak involving Galen Rupp. In September, Fancy Bears released a list of Therapeutic Use Exemptions that Rupp received in 2009.

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Read the full report (in French) on L’Equipe (Paywall).

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