US Olympian Morgan Uceny Announces Her Retirement From The Sport

The three-time US champ and #1 ranked 1500m runner in the world in 2011 will sadly be remembered more for what could have been than what was. In two consecutive global championship 1500m finals (2011 Worlds and the 2012 Olympics), Uceny took a hard fall to the ground with less than a lap to go when she was poised to contend for a medal.
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Global Athletics & Marketing Press Release
December 14, 2016

Editor’s Note: has a column about Uceny’s career here: LRC Morgan Uceny Was No Quitter – The Former World #1 Calls It A Career. It’s fair to say that Uceny never won a medal at a global championship but it’s not fair to call her a quitter simply because she didn’t finish the 2012 Olympics. Uceny was a fighter.

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