Ouch – We Have An Early Leader In The 2015 LetsRun.com Halloween Costume (Amazing Pic)

by LetsRun.com
November 5, 2015

Often we put a “Photo of the Week” in our weekly recap – the Week That Was. We aren’t doing a Week That Was this week but will catch up on it next week. But we received a photo via email that is truly amazing – so amazing that it’s inspiring us to share it with you right now and start a LetsRun.com Halloween costume contest. Before we get to the photo, we need to give you a little background on it.

American Max King has excelled at a lot of different things in his running career as he’s put up good marks in the steeple (8:30 PR), marathon (2:14:36), cross-country (4 times on Team USA at Worlds), mountain running (2011 World Champion), 100k (2014 World Champ), trail running (4 XTERRA Trail Run World Titles) and Warrior Dash (2 World titles). The one common denominator in that success? King is tough as nails. Well actually he’s tougher than nails or at least pins as King, who in college did workouts like 100 x 200, once famously pinned a bib to his bare chest while at Cornell.

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That leads us to our photo of the week. We always said Halloween is the best weekend of the year for college students. Check out what message board poster “habs” dressed up as for Halloween.

Looking at this Max King costume makes us cringe

Just looking at this Max King costume makes us cringe

In case you are wondering, there is no tape involved with the costume. He pinned the bib directly through his chest and reports that “It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would and people at parties were actually really interested!”

So there you have it. Guys, do you want attention from the ladies at Halloween next year? Dress as Max King.

Before the wide adoption of Facebook, Halloween was a huge hit on LetsRun as it was the only way for people to brag about their costumes. Do you have some amazing Halloween photos you want to share?  Email it to us and we’ll likely post it and our favorite three will receive a free LetsRun.com T-shirt.

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