How to watch the BBC in the United States of America

June 4, 2015

Update: The whole Salazar report is now on youtube. You can watch it below.

Are you looking for a way to watch the BBC in America? We’ve got you covered.

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To trick the geoblockers into thinking you are in the UK, you can get an actual VPN but setting it up can take some time. The quickest way is to simply download and install an extension to your browser.

The extension we’ve been using is called ZenMate and it’s available both for Chrome and Firefox. Install it and then click on it, turn it on, click on the middle button to change your location and select the UK. To select the UK, you normally have to pay for the premium version but you get to try out the premium version for free for 7 days.

Another service we’ve used in the past is called unotelly. It works great but it takes a little longer to set up. But if are looking for a long-term solution, it’s cheaper as it’s available for under $4.00 per month  on a yearly basis (free trial as well) whereas ZenMate is available for €6.49 per month on a yearly basis which is over $7 per month.

After you get either one set up, you simply go to the various BBC sites and watch away. The BBC One site is here. BBC Iplayer site is here.

The BBC Panorama show on doping, “Catch Me If You Can” can be watched here. The Salazar accusations start at roughly the 33 minute mark.

Update: The whole report is now on youtube. You can watch it below.

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