Warren Weir Lashes Out At Ryan Bailey Over Usain Bolt “Throat Slash” Gesture

by LetsRun.com
May 4, 2015

On Saturday at the IAAF World Relay Championships in the Bahamas, Ryan Bailey anchored the Team USA to 4 x 100 gold over Jamaica, who were anchored by Usain Bolt. Bolt got the baton way back from Bailey and wasn’t able to catch him.

In the excitement and celebration that followed, Bailey looked at one of the cameras and did a modified version of Bolt’s “lightning bolt” celebration pose. Bailey’s version included a throat slash and you can see it in the video embedded below. (Post-race, Bailey said he’s wanted to do the gesture for a long time.)

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Well, the move didn’t sit well with Bolt’s fellow Jamaicans as Warren Weir took to Twitter to chastise Bailey. There was a back and forth between Weir and Bailey which included Weir sending an image giving Bailey “the finger”.

Weir also spoke to Jamaican paper, The Gleaner, about the issue, saying:

“When you see the greats, you have to show them respect, you have to respect the legends of our sport. Especially when you are a little nobody, you really are to show more respect to those who are leading the way and those who have accomplished way more than you have. He disrespected track and field. He also said that Bolt is ‘somewhat of an icon’, he is an icon and he was not showing enough respect, not just to Bolt, but to the sport. As an athlete, I feel like he was disrespecting me and as a member of this Jamaican team, I also felt upset and disrespected about it. This is just the beginning.”

Weir said after the 4 x 100 loss, Jamaica had extra motivation to come back and win in the 4 x 200 (where the US finished 3rd and then was DQ’d after a dropped baton). On the medal stand, the Jamaican 4 x 200 did Bolt’s celebration pose and dedicated the win to him. Bolt had pulled out of the 4 x 200 with a sore hamstring.

The US-Jamaica sprint rivalry is definitely just as hot as ever going into this summer’s 2015 World Championships.

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