You Will Have To Confirm Your Identity To Post On Starting April 15, 2015

by: David Greenberg
April 1, 2015

After discussions on their regular weekly 20 minute long runs, founders Robert and Weldon Johnson have decided to change LRC message board policy. Starting April 15, verification will be required in order to post on the boards. wanted to take some time to explain their decision so its loyal visitors will understand the decision.

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First of all, the Brojos want you to understand that while new LRC co- owner Sally Bergesen supports the new policy, the Brojos are sure you will understand that they  have been planning this change for some time. Especially Weldon:

“I ran 28:06 and I am pretty sick of being called a middle-aged hobby jogger by anonymous cowards. See you on the boards, amigos.”

Here’s how it will work: Before receiving their registered LRC user name, individuals will attend a somewhat short webinar and pass a quiz afterwards. The webinar and quiz will address long-standing destructive behavior on the boards, including agism, ablism, speedism, sexism, empiricism, cisism,  affluism, lookism and anthropomorphism.

“And we are working on other behavioral problems,” said Bergesen. “Although the bunhugger threads might stay – our product designers can use those.”

This guy previously claimed to be a 2:20 marathoner who made $150,000 a year.

This guy previously claimed to be a 2:20 marathoner who made $150,000 a year.

After passing a simple online exam, posters will receive their LRC user ID. welcomes your feedback on the webinar and quiz although only in appropriate language. LRC has already started improving it over early versions:

“The grammar requirement was to much,” said Robert Johnson. “So we through that one out.”

LRC has also hired a private security company to verify PRs and salary claims. The process is very simple – they will provide a link to submit your PR claims and they will then verify them. No different than is already done for the Boston Marathon. And yes, a copy of your tax return will be required to get approved for the site if you intend to make lifestyle or salary claims.

Your name, age, photo and PRs will appear next to your posts. LRC is sure you will agree this will create a safer place for all of its community. The NSA already knew this information so LRC hopes you don’t mind providing it.

David Greenberg is a long-time LRC site visitor who last year wrote a ground-breaking piece on USATF becoming a Nike subsidiary two weeks before their 24 year sponsorship contract was signed. He  has been running for 34 years and works in the financial services industry in New York City. You can reach him at


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