Video of Women’s 1500m Final 2013 World Track and Field Championships

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August 15, 2013

Because we are kind hearted people and thanks to an email suggestion from a visitor we have set it up so you can watch races from the 2013 World Championships without knowing the results.

If you click and go this page here, for the rest of the Worlds we’ll have the latest videos posted where you can watch race videos without knowing the results.

Below we have our first video the Women’s 1500m.

USA Visitors only.

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Watch Women’s 1500m Without Knowing the Results

We have to start the video so you don’t see the results. We also are starting it on mute. Unmute the video in the bottom left.

Remember: Click Here to go to the page that lists all the videos you can watch without knowing the results.

Want to see the results and analysis? Click below to see all the Worlds Coverage from

The 1:59:40 GOAT shirts are here
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