Chris Solinsky Talks After Running 13:23 at the 2013 Payton Jordan Meet

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April 30, 2013

Former American 10,000 record holder Chris Solinsky is excited about this comeback. Solinsky, who injured his hamstring prior to the 2011 World Championships and had surgery on September 16, 2011 – the day Galen Rupp broke his 26:59 American record – initially had said earlier this year that the goal was for him to progress slowly with the intent of being fully back for 2014.

That’s clearly changed as after running an 8:05 3000 indoors Solinsky ran 13:23 for 5000 on Sunday at Stanford. Afterwards, a visibly excited Solinsky said he was never really in trouble during the race and purposely ran in the back of the back for most of the race as he just wanted to figure out where he is and he’ll go for the ‘A’ standard of 13:15.00 at Oxy in a few weeks.

Rupp, Lagat and Lomong - Solinsky is Coming For You *Video Interview Here

Rupp, Lagat and Lomong – Solinsky is Coming For You
*Video Interview Here

Solinsky’s entire post-race interview is embedded below but a few highlights:


“I’m really happy. I’m probably more psyched about this (13:23) than the 26:59 to be honest…

I know I”m not in the same league  as Galen, Lagat and Lomong right now, but I’m coming for ’em. ‘You guys hear that?’ I’m coming for you….

If I can get the ‘A’ standard at Oxy, even the ‘B’, I still have a chance. You know, line up at USA’s and anyone’s got a shot. So as long as I get the standard I got that much more hope than I had before to get to the World Championships.”


When Solinsky talked about Galen, Lagat and Lomong, he pointed at the camera in a jovial way as shown by the picture to the left.

Full video interview below.


Note: We always try to give credit where credit is due. We believe the video above was produced by flotrack but are not 100% sure as it says uploaded by Kevin Liao who has his own Spiked up/Psyched up site and we first saw it on Runnerstribe.

It’s hard to know for sure as flotrack has recently been putting their logos on videos that aren’t produced by them including videos produced by and the IAAF.

Editor’s Update 5/3/2013: We received an email from Flotrack stating that they indeed did produce the video. Kevin Liao worked for them at Stanford.

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