Records Galore at the 2013 Millrose Games

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February 16, 2013

Editor’s note: Our lengthier recap with quotes is here.

We’ve got a flash recap of the distance races at the Millrose Games below. High school phenom Mary Cain smashed another record, Bernard Lagat got another American one, so did Alysia Montano*, and a guy most of you have never heard of got one too*. Chris O’Hare then finished up the night with a collegiate record in the mile on a record setting night in New York.

In the sprints Doc Patton’s 6.50 world leader in the 60m was a highlight.

Women’s Wanamaker Mile: Mary Cain Runs 4:28.25

Mary Cain already showed this year she’s the greatest US high schooler girls runner ever. Her assault at the record books continued in the Wanamaker Mile.

Former NCAA champ Sheila Reid was the clear winner, but the clear runner-up was Mary Cain in 4:28.25 smashing her record of 4:32.78 from earlier this year.

We’ll have to have our statisticians see how this run compares to Cain’s 9:38.68 which we called the greatest run ever by an American high school female.

On the boards: 4:28.25 for CAIN! 2nd place at Millrose!!!
*Mary Cain threw an Elbow at D’Agostino and tripped Jordan Hasay.

 1Sheila Reid Nike4:27.02       
 2Mary Cain Bronxville, NY4:28.25       
 3Kate Grace Oiselle4:28.79       
 4Emma Coburn University of Colorado4:29.86       
 5Abbey D’Agostino Dartmouth College4:30.03       
 6Hilary Stellingwerff New Balance4:30.50       
 7Sarah Brown New Balance4:31.26       
 8Emily Infeld Nike Oregon TC4:31.50       
 9Renee Tomlin Nike4:35.99       
 10Jordan Hasay University of Oregon4:36.21       
 11Ashley Higginson Saucony4:36.63       
 DNFSara Vaughn Bowerman AC        


Men’s 600m: Duane Solomon, Nick Symmonds, Erik Sowinski?! Breaks the American Record

This race was billed as the Duane Solomon-Nick Symmonds dual for the American record. The 1:42 Americans would battle and one would break Solomon’s relatively soft American record of 1:15.70.

Well Solomon and Symmonds squared off and the American record was broken but it was broken by the unheralded Erik Sowinski as he sprinted by Solomon on the home stretch to win in 1:15.61 .

Symmonds was never a factor in this one, going out too slow, but Solomon was up front until the final stretch. Sowinski, an All-American at Iowa who has raced in Russia (where he had run 1:15.99 for 600), Austria, and Germany this year, stayed close until the final straight where he came by for the win and the record.

(The IAAF does not recognize the 600m as an official record distance. USATF according to the ESPN broadcast does, but does not list the record on its website)

On the boards: Erik Sowinski NEW AR 1:15.61

1Erik Sowinski Unattached1:15.61       
 2Duane Solomon Saucony1:16.04       
 3Jarrin Solomon Trinidad & Tobago1:16.19       
 4Nick Symmonds Nike1:16.89       
 5Michael Rutt NJ/NY TC1:17.68       
 6Julius Mutekanga New Balance1:19.10


Bernard Lagat Another AR

Lagat Digs Deep for Another American Record, Robert Cheserek Breaks High School Record

Bernard Lagat really had to dig deep on the final lap to cross the line in 8:09.49, just ahead of Galen Rupp’s American record of 8:09.72.

Lagat now has all the American indoor records from 1500 through 5000m, but this one was not easy as Lagat fell to the track afterwards as he barely got the record. Behind Lagat, Edward Cheserek, the Kenyan citizen who goes to high school in New Jersey, broke the legendary 49 year-old American high school record (fastest time by a student at an American high school) of Gerry Lindgren of 8:40.0 (h).

On the boards: LAGAT 8:09.49 NEW AR! BIG CHEESE 8:39 HS AR!
Cheserek gunning for Lindgren’s 8:40.0 HS 2-mi record

 1Bernard Lagat Nike8:09.49       
 2Andrew Bumbalough Nike8:13.02       
 3Cam Levins Nike8:14.69       
 4Evan Jager Nike8:14.95       
 5Will Leer Nike8:21.53       
 6Leonard Korir Nike8:22.44       
 7Riley Masters Unattached8:37.26       
 8Edward Cheserek Newark, NJ8:39.15       
 9Craig Forys NYAC8:52.64       
 DNFTaylor Milne New Balance        
 DNFJames Kostelnik Duke University        
 DNFHaron Lagat Nike        





Women’s 600m: Alysia Montano Gets American Record

Alysia Montano crushed the field the final lap to get win in 1:23.59 and the American record. To show how rarely this event is contested the previous American record was 1:26.56 (Yes she nearly broke it by 3 seconds).

Montano’s run was a good one and only .15 off of the world’s best of 1:23.44.

(The IAAF does not recognize the 600m as an official record distance. USATF according to the ESPN broadcast does, but does not list the record on its website)

1Alysia Montano Unattached1:23.59       
 2Ajee’ Wilson adidas1:26.45       
 3Erica Moore Nike1:26.48       
 4Melissa Bishop Nike1:27.95       
 5LaTavia Thomas Nike1:29.43       
 6Emma Gallagher Garden City, NY1:32.06

On the boards: Montano : how fast is 1:23 (600m)???


Wanamaker Mile: Lopez Lomong Over Centrowitz, Chris O’Hare Smashes Collegiate Record in Mile

Lopez Lomong got the win here over Matt Centrowitz to remind everyone American miling is not just about Centrowitz and Leo Manzano.

This one went out fast (1:53.23) and much of the field was right with the rabbit. They would pay the price the second half as the American record went out the window.

The University of Tulsa’s Chris O’Hare shook up things in the second half by going by Centrowitz. O’Hare was rewarded with a 4th place in 3:52.98 smashing the collegiate record of 3:54.54 set her last year. Tony Waldrop ran 3:55.0 in 1974 and no one went under 3:55 until last year, but now O’Hare is at 3:52.98, putting the record more in line with the modern era. Well done Chris.

On the boards: LOMONG FTW 3:51.26!

1Lopez Lomong Nike Oregon TC3:51.21       
 2Matthew Centrowitz Nike3:51.34       
 3Ciaran O’Lionaird Nike Oregon TC3:52.10       
 4Chris O’Hare University of Tulsa3:52.98       
 5Lawi Lalang Arizona3:54.56       
 6Ryan Hill NC State3:54.89       
 7Garrett Heath Saucony3:55.55       
 8Ryan Gregson Nike3:55.97       
 9Donn Cabral Nike4:00.21       
 10Liam Boylan-Pett NJ/NY TC4:05.49       
 DNFMark Wieczorek Brooks        
 DNFRobby Andrews adidas        
 DNFBrian Gagnon NJ/NY TC